[ConTV] Katsucon 2014: Katsu / Stay Alive

Convention: Katsucon 2014

Location: National Harbor, MD

Editor’s Notes: Though the Gaylord had funky policies involving shooting videos, I’m no professional. I just have a simple HD FlipCam and just want to document that this is a great con to cosplay, make friends, and have fun. Katsucon is my favorite socializing con. I wanted to show a variety of cosplay – old and new, modest and sexy, popular fandoms and hidden gems, newbies and veterans – that all of us can have a great old time in one place. By no means I have any fancy equipment – I’m not one of those people with camera equipment attached to their body, I just wanted to have a modest, yet fun look at Katsucon. The song is “Stayin’ Alive” by N Trance to go with the con’s “Saturday Night Fever” theme for the report.

A huge shoutout to everyone on Sunday who turned the gazebo into a discotheque!

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