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Georgetown Cupcakes

Because of the lack of Lolita meet and greets in the greater Boston area, I decided to just host one for early September. While there some pretty exciting Lolita events going on in Western Mass. and Rhode Island, I haven’t had the chance to attend any in October because of con hopping along the eastern seaboard. After seeing consistent adverts on my Facebook newsfeed for cupcake crawls in town, I decided to host a Lolita cupcake crawl. For those of you unfamiliar with crawls, it’s essentially going from store to store trying out different foods according to theme. For example, one group may be going on a chocolate / sweets themed crawl and sample all the sweets one particular area has to offer.

I picked Newbury Street because it had two prominent cupcake places – Sweet and Georgetown. About a month prior, I created the Facebook event and hoped for the best. We had several interested Lolitas for the cupcake crawl.


Forever 21

I had people meet up at Forever 21 right off the Hynes Convention Center stop. It was a good way for people to find Loli-able style accessories. I ended up stocking up on tights with a floral pattern. We all met up right at the front on the chilly Sunday afternoon and made our way towards the first stop, Sweet.


Sweet still had Halloween decor up.

The joy of hitting up cupcake places is that you can find a variety of different flavors. I ended up ordering a Smores cupcake (really sugary!) and hot chocolate to warm myself up. What I liked about Sweet is that it was reminiscent of Gibson Girl in Disneyland. You were in a classic brownstone parlor with old timey music in the background. This was also a nice way to really get to know people. Food always breaks the ice!





The next stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown has an everchanging menu. Depending on what day of the week it is or whatever time during the year, you could be getting something different. Georgetown is closer to the Copley station. Georgetown is rather popular – after we ordered our cupcakes, there were people rushing into get in line. Again, also a nice place to catch up with friends and really get to know other Lolitas in the area.



 Though we were in our sweet zen zone, a few of us went to Snappy Sushi for a much more healthier selection of dinner foods.  Though Newbury Street only had two cupcake places, it was still a cozy afternoon with good company. Shoutouts to Rebecca, Sushil, Ivy, Tina, Kayla, Kiki, Michelle, and Darcy for all coming along. Thank you so much for coming out to the event. Shall we do Tarot Tea at L’espalier next time around?


PS: In celebration for Halloween / Samhain / All Souls Day, I wore my saxon Little Lady jsk. My grandma was a part of a society known as “The Blue Ladies” and Little Lady has cats on it. Not too long ago, I lost my grandma and my cat. Just to celebrate and remember their lives, I decided to wear the Little Lady set.  The cameo is from PipStarPop and the shoes (I had quite a bit of questions about it) are from Bettie Page (also located on Newbury Street).


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