[ConTV] Anime Overdose 2005: You Better Work!

Convention: Anime Overdose 2005

Convention Report: AOD 2005: Love Music Anime Cosplay

Location: San Francisco, CA

Editor’s Notes: Here’s something for #ThrowbackThursday as we go through the Shot On Shiteo archives! This is from the Traveling Valentine era. I wanted to show off all the cool things at Anime Overdose’s move to San Francisco. There’s a ton of Psycho Le Cemu cosplayers featured on here as result of the visual kei band as major guests at the anime con. I’m also happy to say, there’s a lot of people featured in this video that I’m very dear friends with to this day. The music is “Supermodel” by RuPaul…because when you’re in cosplay, you’re working your thing on the runway. Sasahy chante!

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