[Zero Hour #3] Getting There is Half the Fun



Topics of Discussion

+ Labyrinth Ball vs. Anime Expo

+ Animation on Display: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

+ Cosplaying from LMAFAO’s videos. Jeff s RedFoo and Stan as Shuffle Bot

+ Wonder Con at the Anaheim Convention Center

+ Wonder Con during St. Patty’s Day

+ Anime Conji vs. Wonder Con

+ Bot Con in Dallas

+ Power MorphiCon

+ Jared wants Filipino food


Links of Interest

WOWOWTF: Ultimatum

WOWOWTF: Praybeyt Benjamin

Anime Expo Maid Cafe Auditions

Animation on Display

Wonder Con

Anime Conji

Bot Con

Power MorphiCon


On Air Talent

Jared, Vicky, Andrea, Ramses, Jeff, and Stan


Additional Credits

“Traveling” by Hikaru Utada

“Driving All Night” by Double

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