[RococoLife] Chocolate Bar Part 3: This Time It’s Personal!


Coord Info: For this meet up, I decided to go sweet. I don’t always do sweet, but when I do, it involved kittens and chocolate. I already have two friends nudging me to do more sweet. I’m wearing the pink Vanill-chan JSK from Angelic Pretty. The blouse is from Bodyline; I removed the detachable bell sleeves. The tights are from Forever 21. The OTK socks are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I have a pair of offbrand shoes that I got from Garment District (Loli appropriate shoes are on the way, it’s just taking a while). I forgot where I got the hat, but I remember going through ebay to get a hold of it second hand.


Location: The event was hosted by Jessica. It was held at Cafe Fleuri’s seasonal Chocolate Bar located inside the high end Langham Hotel. It was kinda weird to get to from the State Street station. There was not many obvious landmarks to find said hotel, but thankfully, I looked up photos of the hotel. It took me about half an hour to get to from my apartment, but it was a fairly windy day to be outside. Luckily, I ran into the hostess right when I found the hotel.


Food: It’s chocolate! This is literally a chocolate lover’s paradise. Chocolate everything! While the closest thing to a savory meal is a fruity custom crepes. Be prepared to get filled up. I had to pace myself to try almost everything I wanted to try. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.










Frilly Shenanigans: Other than gorging on piles of chocolate, there was random Gangnam Style. Not by the fault by our party, but the fault of the DJ. Post-party, we were having fun in the lobby by taking photos with the mirror and photos of everyone’s shoes.



Overall: I was happy to meet more people involved in the Boston Lolita scene. This was a really fun event and I’m also glad the new people who stopped by felt welcomed and had a great time. While cost per person was roughly $45 (tax and tip included), it was well worth it to spend time with local frilly people in a four star hotel. Thank you Jessica for organizing and hosting this event!


Photos: Check out more photos on our Facebook page.

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