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Cosplay Lip Sync Battle by Scarlet

Ah yes, my favorite event! From a competitors point of view, this is always the event I have the most fun at. I went as Nero from Fate Grand Order in an idol outfit. I figured idols were the theme for 2023, so I opted to go for her idol look from one of the craft essence cards. While I was originally on the wait list, I was pulled in a few days after and I was in the main show! Yay!

I rehearsed on my downtime during the con. I took advantage of anytime my hotel was empty. Working drag queen moves to the sounds of Lady Gaga and teeny bop cutesy moves to the sounds of Tony Goldmark was something. And I had to do it in a leotard and a short skirt. I opted not to wear high red heels and went for flat shoes instead.

Lip Sync Battle takes place on Saturday morning. It gets quite an audience. Most of the Sheraton Grand Ballroom is full for this cosplay event. Contestants gathered to rehearse, remember their moves, or get the last bit of water before going on stage. It’s hydrate or die-drate in these parts.

The show kicked off with the first round. Our MC’s were cosplaying from Kakegurui and Akiba Maid War. Sadly, I was eliminated in the first round with Hi-Fashion’s “I’m Not Madonna” to a Misa syncing to “Black Sheep” by Captain Marvel. She was cute though! We had Dan Hibiki do an 80’s rock ballad to martial arts moves. I loved that the MC called him Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai. Of course, we had a memorable performance by a Spy x Family mother / daughter duo to “Rasputin.” The organizers of the event felt that a lot of the calls were very close; only one person can make it each round…or resolve things in a dance off if the audience cheers were very close.

There were some favorites and veterans that came back. Deer Princess never fails to wow us all in her grace and confidence. Hugo made a return as our favorite gay angel, Kaworu in an emotional rendition of “Take Me to Church.” Silver Falcon Cosplay and Apocalypse Unicorn graced the stage in Okami; I found out what their final song would have been “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” from Book of Mormon – would have loved to have seen it!

The final round came down to a Chun-Li cosplayer and everyone favorite cult leader mommy, Lady D of Resident Evil VIII. This was a close battle – both contestants were in their respective ways. Lady D wore the highest heels and was able to pull off some intense drag queen moves. The win went to Lady D!

However! I love Lip Sync Battle because everyone is in it for fun. Everyone is so supportive of each other. When I think of cosplay community, this is it right here. No need for clout chasing. I’m writing this from the west coast, and I already miss this feeling.


Masquerade by Scarlet

Masquerade at Anime Boston is always the best of what New England has to offer. I attended masquerade for the past several years. This is the main event that I’m always looking forward to. This year was different. This is my first time competing in Anime Boston masquerade since 2014. After a nine year absence from competition, it was time to get back on stage. I entered as Yohane in a cosplay I made four days before the convention. However, judging and categorizing who wins what was different this year.

Top winners would get cash money for placing in Best in Show, Best in catgeory, etc. $5,000 was given to the Best in Show for both performance and craftsmanship. $1,000 was given to Best of Masters in performance and craftsmanship. Anime Boston masquerade had mad money – it attracted some of the best cosplayers in New England because of the large prize pool.

The contest was divided into craftsmanship and performance. Craftsmanship entries were all walk on’s to whatever random music that was assigned. Performance was followed after. Both categories were scored differently. In other words, because I was a performance act, my cosplay didn’t require judging. Highlights of the competition included Fate Grand Order, Spy x Family, Final Fantasy XIV, Deku in drag, etc. There were a few musical performances from Belle and Zombieland Saga. One memorable performance was “Vogue-ioh,” in with a Yami Yugi cosplayer vogue-d on stage. Top honors went to a Princess Tutu act that performed a ballet number onstage and Cowbutt Crunchies for their Phoenix Wright versus Loid Forger act.

Masquerade was ran very smooth and efficient. Things ran on time and it ended earlier than usual. I do appreciate the cosplay repair room in the green room to fix up my wings when they were falling apart. The staff was very supportive and kind to all the performers. I did enjoy the halftime show done by a Guilty Kiss cover group; not that I was cosplaying as Yohane, but it was nice to have something Love Live represented up there since I was the only Love Live entry in the year of idols.

If you’re ever curious to check out how a cosplay contest is done, Anime Boston’s cosplay contest is very much worth the watch!


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