[CMV] Fanime 2004: Johnny B Goode



Convention Report: Fanime 2004: Fantasista to the Future

This is what happens when you zone out to Back to the Future on Day Zero, you get “Johnny B Goode” stuck in your head during the convention.

As part of my venture as a Communications major, working and practicing editing with what I had on my then boyfriend’s digital camera, I wanted to make a full Fanime 2004 music video featuring my convention adventures with friends. I was mostly with my MidWest friends who grew jaded about Anime Expo and wanted to try out Fanime up North instead. This video features cosplay legend, Card Captor Will whom I’m glad to say has been a dear friend to me throughout the ages.

Fanime 2004 was the first year in downtown San Jose. I remember having a lot of fun with my MidWest friends and a lot of Gaia online this and that. You’ll see a lot of Prince of Tennis, Fruits Basket, X, and Hellsing cosplays here.

Disclaimer: This video is here for archival purposes. Uh…I made some upgrades to my personal life. Non-toxic upgrades.


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