It’s High School All Over Again

It’s High School All Over Again

by Abrum Lopez ( ninjasto @

High school. Many of us are either out of there or still in waiting but everyone agrees that its filled with drama like there’s no tomorrow. I have had my share and when I left, I thought it was all over. I never thought I still would be going through such BS at my age. When I first joined the cosplay community, I never even expected such drama was in this world. I thought cosplayers weren’t affected by this at all. How wrong I was for believing that. After dealing and causing drama, I realized that it still exists and for the same reasons as it was when I was in high school. Yes I’m gulity of starting drama as well. I’m not trying to come off as a saint here but my point is that for a bunch of people in a hobby, its still feels very much like the halls of high school.

Cosplayers starting fights over how one looks better than the other is the one of the most common. Another is how much work was done into a cosplay or reasons why one wears a cosplay despite not being a fan of the series he/she protraying. From such statements, it sounds as if its only female cosplayers who act in such a manner. Well its not just them fighting against one another. In fact male cosplayers have had their share of drama too. You might that’s not possible but from seeing it first hand, it does exist. Even both sexes against one another drama exists. Sound familiar? Yup, its high school all over again.

The difference is it comes around every con and there’s no actual classes being taken. This is cosplay, a hobby, its something people do for fun. It’s not to start fights over little things that have no real importance in the community or in the outside world really. Drama is really jealousy that one person has over on any grounds for a fight. Causes for drama are wide and abroad for anyone to start fights of any kind. However the most damaging type is personal. The kind that can and has spilled into the cosplay world. This is were many fights between cosplayers can end in them hating one another for a long time. Also it can bring other friends into the foray and can possibly break friendships from such actions. Bad enough you have a problem with someone but bringing in your friends to fight your on battles that should not have never existed is worse.

The point of this article is to let people know that drama exist in this community. At first glance it might not seem as if it exists but its there and it can be very damaging to you. Try to avoid to drama if possible or end it if you are such situation(s). Afterwards, get over it completely and enjoy your cosplay hobby. Cosplay world isn’t high school and it shouldnt be at all.

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