[Escapade] Lunar New Year / Villains Day 2018: The Queen’s Glass Game

This is the first time we’re celebrating both Lunar New Year and Villains Day. February is a busy month for us; we could only do these events in one day (even for us Deluxe Passholders). The Unlimited Boundworks team decided to double book for both – Lunar New Year in the morning and Villains Day in the evening. The Lunar New Year festivities are ever growing in the Disney parks. I even remember when Lunar New Year was limited to one display for a few days. Because Southern California is so diverse with many celebrations – Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese celebrations were recognized. Villains Day was in their 4th year and it’s their biggest ever!


Unlimited Boundworks – Charles F. Muntz (Up) 

Jared (IG: @eatthemagic) went for the younger version of Muntz, the 1930s adventurer Carl aspires to be. Also, it’s Year of the Dog. Hence, Muntz can recruit new minions.

Unlimited Boundwords – Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck it Ralph)

Not all villains wear black! Sometimes the worst people are the ones you’re familiar with. In this case, Taffyta is the mean girl of the Sugar Rush Racers. I wanted to do something different for Villains Day. I was hoping I’d run into another Taffyta. The skirt is from Pinup Girl Clothing. The hat is vintage. The sports coat is from Bushiroad. The bag is from Pipstar Pop (I got plenty of compliments!)


Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog

It was really nice seeing families come out to ring in the Lunar New Year. It was also nice of Disney to acknowledge that many eastern Asian cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year. Mulan and Mushu were taking photo ops at Paradise Grill once they were done doing a dragon procession parade. Minnie and Mickey had Lunar New Year outfits.

Jared liked checking out the food. He had the rice cake and plum wine. I had the kimchi and plume wine. Both of us topped everything off with passion fruit bubble tea. There were a few kiosks that sold food from Korea , Vietnam, and China. Paradise Grill had a few familiar options too. While this might seem pedestrian because I’m so used to seeing Asian food around me having grown up with it, it’s just nice to pick up bubble tea and pork buns at the park. I do like that Disneyland Resort is acknowledging cultural celebrations and integrating Disney magic into them!

There was also the character meet and greet with Mulan and Mushu. Because they’re such a rarity to find in the parks, we didn’t mind waiting an hour to get a photo with Mushu and Mulan. I’ve always been a fan of the Mulan animated feature. It was flawed, but it was a fun adventures movie (hoping the live action will take after wire-fu movies!). Though a few fleeting minutes, I totally fangirled meeting Mushu and Mulan.

There was also a corner for AP holders where you can write wishes and get a Lunar New Year photo op. Jared is Year of the Dog, he was flattered to get his Pluto AP badge.


Overall, Lunar New Year was a pleasant celebration. As crowded as Disney gets, this doesn’t come close to the crowds I’m used to seeing in San Jose for TET and San Francisco for Chinese New Year. I was delighted seeing families bring their kids in traditional garb (not Disney costumes) to celebrate it here. Hoping Disney brings this back – wish we could have spent more time here! I had an awesome idea for a Mushu bound!


Villains Day

Since moving to Southern California, we’ve heard so many good things about Villains Day. We missed the first meet ups – photo by Star Wars Land and Mark Twain takeover. I did finally meet everyone by the castle for the group photo. Of course, couldn’t resist taking photos of various bounds. I would normally take more pictures of bounds, but I was starting to feel under the weather (my kind apologies!).

The joy of villains day is seeing people bound and “stalk the park.” Here’s our various stalkings around Disney.

Charles F. Muntz after grabbing a bite to eat at the Bengal BBQ. He’s all about the beef and chicken skewers (and could go for some right now!)

Of course, Taffyta had to get all the photos in Cars Land! The best part about bounding as Taffyta? Not once, but five times (I counted!) I had fellow bounders ask me, “We’ve been trying to guess who you’re bounding as!” Sugar Rush Racers might appear sweet and cute, but we don’t like glitches. And we’ll let glitches know.

Overall, Villains Day 2018 was a good day. Thank you to the organizers – everyone was very friendly! I met some really cool people in Disneybound IG and the Facebook group. I hope we can keep in touch.

Written by Eri Kagami
Eri’s IG: @afelineofspectre
Jared’s IG: @eatthemagic

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