[Bizarro Files 2.16] Sailor Moon Day


Gogai, Gogai, Gogai…


Scarlet and Jared discuss the new voice cast for the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon TV series. It’s about how Rukia and Ichigo became cats to mentor Orihime becoming a magical girl. We also recap on Sailor Moon Crsytal. Memo to Hulu and Crunchyroll – have your servers ready for traffic (or else!).


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Scarlet’s original predictions for the voice cast…

Moon: Jessica Cavello (sic?)
Mercury: Bridget Hoffman
Mars: Michelle Ruff

Jupiter: Laura Bailey
Venus: Melissa Fahn
Luna: Barbara Goodson
Artemis: Yuri Lowenthal
Queen Beryl: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 
Jadeite: Lex Lang
Nephrite: Patrick Seitz
Zoycite: Vic Mignogna
Kunzite: Kyle Hebert 
Umino: Tony Oliver
Naru: Michelle Ann Dunphy
Usagi’s Mom: Wendee Lee 
Tux: Johnny Yong Bosch

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