The SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering took place on May 9, 2009 at Mason Regional Park in Irvine. Scarlet Rhapsody's press coverage team (Traveling: Deb, Jared, Victoria, and Stan) were present at the event. This was the 4th spring gathering by SoCal Cosplay Gatherings. The event has a considerable turn out and remains Southern California's largest, independently run fan gathering of its kind. While other gatherings in Southern California come and go, this gathering still remains strong by the hundreds.

However, the organizers of this gathering ran into a few problems with the Mason Regional Park officials. Despite having their event on site for the past few years, the rangers advised the gathering comittee that they could not accept any donations or any registration money. Originally, there was a $10 at the door fee ($8 if you pre-paid) to cover the expenses used for the gathering. Because of this limitation, the gathering became a free event. However, if you are interested in showing your support for SoCal Cosplay Gatherings, please visit their site and find out how you can donate to help keep these events running.

Take me to the gathering on time! Though Stan had a few delays getting to the park, we were able to make it by noon. We had to stop by a Walgreens to grab some supplies: mirror, scissors, and facial wipes. For the gathering, Stan and Deb decided to Bleach it up. After a year of resisting, I finally decided to dress up like a Pokemon gijinka, Persian. Though Becky was admiring my classy cat strut, I think this would be the last time I wear a formal gown to an outdoor park.

After securing a decent parking space, I helped out Stan with his make up for Shuuhei. I saw my buddies Becky and Captain Gundam park right by us. I decided to help them take their popcorn maker over to the gathering spot.


Site #6 was the same space as last year. Unlike last year, the weather was a nice and breezy 75 degrees. I nearly passed out last year wearing Grandis from Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water. There were already long lines for spicy BBQ burgers and hot dogs. The gathering was alive and kicking once we arrived.

DSC02150.jpg DSC02151.jpg DSC02155.jpg DSC02145.jpg

DSC02157.jpg DSC02158.jpg DSC02159.jpg DSC02160.jpg DSC02161.jpg DSC02156.jpg DSC02154.jpg

DSC02153.jpg DSC02152.jpg DSC02173.jpg DSC02162.jpg DSC02163.jpg DSC02148.jpg

I ran into my Pacific Media Expo buddies Paula and Megawa (Gijinka Eevee cosplayer). I was glad to see that people were still doing Pokemon Gijinka cosplay. Though there were more cosplayer friends that did gijinka style pocket monsters, it was nice to know that I was not the only one at the gathering as a gijinka. More importantly, I ran into Jared cosplaying as Giovanni (Pokemon Fire Red variant). Because what's a Giovanni without a Persian?

DSC02164.jpg DSC02147.jpg DSC02165.jpg DSC02172.jpg

The SoCal Cosplay organizers decided to Disney it up. During a group photo, I requested if they could do the Disney parade wave. Here's a clip. (Thanks for participating in the pose request!)

DSC02166.jpg DSC02170.jpg

DSC02174.jpg DSC02175.jpg DSC02177.jpg

SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering had a few furry attendees. Literally. As two fursuiters were passing out flyers for a furry event in Southern California, cosplayers brought their furred friends to the event. There were a few dogs - Bailey and Dexter, but the most unusual pet at the event was a Link cosplayer's pet goat.

DSC02180.jpg DSC02264.jpg DSC02149.jpg DSC02171.jpg

Like any other anime event, the inevitable "anime dances" ("Hare Hare Yukai," Lucky Star opening, and "Caramelldansen") appeared out of nowhere. Of course, you had your line of Caramelldansen-ers. That's typical. However, Maguma and the /CGL crew invaded the "Caramelldansen" group later in the afternoon by counter attacking with the robot. One circle just played music and started to dance to their American top 40 music.

DSC02178.jpg DSC02179.jpg DSC02181.jpg DSC02182.jpg DSC02183.jpg DSC02189.jpg

And then this random gathering happened on top of the hill. I honestly had no idea if it was the "Everyone Loves Maguma" gathering, /CGL gathering, Idiots of the World, or "We're in Costume, Take the Damn Picture" gathering, but a photo op is a photo op. The SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering had a variety of people attending. Those in it for the sheer spontaneity were the best people to hang out with.

DSC02184.jpg DSC02185.jpg DSC02186.jpg DSC02187.jpg DSC02188.jpg

While waiting in line for food, I ran into Dakota. Though Christmas was not until several months away, Dakota had a gift perfect for any occassion. "I swear, this is not going to get old for a while," said Stan. Just what I needed before grabbing burgers as the event cooks were roasting weenies over an open fire.


DSC02190.jpg DSC02191.jpg DSC02192.jpg DSC02193.jpg

After a calm lunch, I took a few more photos of cosplayers at the gathering. Jared and I also went for a nice walk to the lake.

DSC02195.jpg DSC02196.jpg DSC02197.jpg DSC02198.jpg DSC02199.jpg DSC02200.jpg DSC02202.jpg

DSC02203.jpg DSC02204.jpg DSC02234.jpg

What's cosplay without some heavy duty competition? After all, now that drama is a huge part of the cosplay community, cosplay is now labled as a contact sport. Aside from getting photo shoots, cosplayers at the gathering enjoyed playing frisbee, football, and volleyball.

DSC02231.jpg DSC02232.jpg DSC02233.jpg DSC02235.jpg DSC02236.jpg

There was also a video setup so people can play Rock Band. For the most part, Stan and Deb were rockin' out as shinigami.



Of course, there was the traditional group photo. As the cosplayers gathered around for the massive group shot of all the attendees, the photographers grabbed their cameras out. A few people from the group started singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" followed by "Bohemian Rhapsody." I could have gone for a few more songs off Rick Astley's Whenever You Need Somebody album.

DSC02240.jpg DSC02241.jpg DSC02242.jpg

Once the group shot broke, I took this opportunity to take individual shots of cosplayers that I have missed during the day. As the 5PM hour was approaching, a few people started to take off and go.

DSC02243.jpg DSC02244.jpg DSC02245.jpg DSC02246.jpg DSC02247.jpg DSC02248.jpg DSC02249.jpg

DSC02251.jpg DSC02252.jpg DSC02253.jpg DSC02269.jpg

DSC02254.jpg DSC02250.jpg DSC02267.jpg DSC02262.jpg

Jared and I also took this opportunity to take photos with fellow Gijinka Pokemon people. I did find it amusing that Dakota keeps his Sudowudo in his box (among other phallic objects).

DSC02259.jpg DSC02261.jpg

DSC02255.jpg DSC02256.jpg DSC02257.jpg DSC02258.jpg DSC02260.jpg


As the day was coming to an end, it was the perfect time to take glamour shots by the lake. The 5PM hour made the area much clearer to use rocks by the lake. I took a few shots of Becky as Chie from Persona 4. She was brave enough to stand on the rock that was on the lake!

DSC02309.JPG DSC02310.JPG DSC02311.JPG DSC02312.JPG DSC02297.JPG

And then we had Jared as Giovanni.

DSC02205.jpg DSC02206.jpg DSC02208.jpg DSC02213.jpg

DSC02207.jpg DSC02210.jpg DSC02212.jpg

And yours truly as Gijinka Persian. A few bystanders from another picnic were making a few comments about our shoot.

DSC02216.jpg DSC02217.jpg DSC02218.jpg DSC02222.jpg DSC02223.jpg DSC02225.jpg

DSC02220.jpg DSC02221.jpg DSC02226.jpg DSC02227.jpg DSC02229.jpg

Luckily, we had our photographer friend Ted (Spooky Electric) take a few photos of Jared and I as Team Rocket's other famous pairing. Thanks to Stan and Deb for taking a few shots with my camera. Sometimes, getting the right angles makes all the difference.

DSC02271.jpg DSC02274.jpg DSC02276.jpg DSC02278.jpg DSC02286.JPG DSC02287.JPG

DSC02280.JPG DSC02281.JPG DSC02285.JPG

I also took a few shots of Stan and Deb in their Bleach costumes. Originally, Stan had issues with his double scythe props. However, he brought them out for the photo shoot. Deb also had Stan's Kuroneko plushie to stand in for Yoruichi in her cat form.

DSC02289.JPG DSC02292.JPG DSC02294.JPG DSC02300.JPG DSC02303.JPG DSC02307.JPG DSC02321.jpg

DSC02293.JPG DSC02295.JPG DSC02296.JPG DSC02298.JPG DSC02299.JPG

DSC02301.JPG DSC02302.JPG DSC02288.JPG DSC02316.jpg DSC02317.jpg

And Deb was also using my cigarette holder while impersonating the Penguin from Batman.

DSC02277.jpg DSC02320.jpg DSC02319.jpg DSC02318.jpg

Of course, there were the last minute antics. Stan and his buddies were doing the WRY pose from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures. Memo to Hanyaan: JoJo AIDS (tm) is alive and well in Southern California. Photographers were still running shoots around the park. The gathering was slowly coming to a close.

DSC02324.jpg DSC02326.jpg

DSC02325.jpg DSC02327.jpg DSC02328.jpg DSC02322.jpg DSC02323.jpg

Jared and I left our stuff at the Anime Los Angeles camp site. They were located not very far from Site #6. It was very nice to have fresh lemonade to keep us hydrated. It's nice to have something sweet every now and then. The fruits snacks box at the SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering table looked oh so tempting to take! Yet, Anime Los Angeles' camp site had cookies, soda, and lemonade - a little something extra for the road.


After much delaying, I gave Chaz my payment for Anime Los Angeles 2010. Chaz was also giving away gallons of lemonade. Jared and I each had our fill to take back home. After saying "bye bye"'s and "see you next event!" to friends, we hit the road to Jared's house to relax before going out to Jared's birthday dinner at Downtown Disney.


By the end of the day, we were exhausted. All of us needed a nice hot bath and a warm bed. I got home just a little bit before midnight. Though the next morning, I ended up getting "Con SARS" (aka a case of the sniffles), I was happy that I got a gallon of pink lemonade to get the vitamin C level up.

But this is not the end of the report! We still have The Infamous Quote Page: For (Im)Mature Audiences Only and SoCal Spring Gathering Final Thoughts.

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