The SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering has done it once again! This year was much cooler. Therefore, Jared and I did not nearly die due to heat stroke. When I was looking at the guest list, I was rather impressed by the huge turnout. Southern California has so many cosplay gatherings run by otaku that it can be difficult determining whether or not the the gathering is worthwhile to attend. For instance, take a look at's Member Events and Gatherings. On the first page alone, you will probably see about four or five gatherings in Southern California. It's really crazy. However, I can vouch that SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering is the best in the area.

Though the atmosphere was mellow and peaceful, there were a few events that I missed from last year. I was expecting Photo Scavenger Hunt again. If it were being offered as a game that attendeees can participate in, I would be up for it. If that was a the case, I was going to have a section dedicated to the Photo Scavenger Hunt. However, the Disney theme seemed like a lot of fun. Had I known that Goofy (and his apprentice Hitsugaya) was going to be our main chef, I would have given him my extra Goofy's Kitchen button.

Many thanks to the ladies of SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering. I really hope these gatherings do continue. More importantly, I really hope that in the end, SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering broke even. One of my girlfriends suggested to make the gathering into a potluck next year if we were to have the gathering at Mason Regional Park. With so many people attending by the hundreds, it is not impossible to feed everyone.

Many thanks to Chaz for the pink lemonade. It took a while to locate where Anime Los Angeles set up camp, but we found them! In addition, many thanks in taking care of my registration for Anime Los Angeles 2010.

Likewise, it was great seeing friends again. Thank you to everyone for the memories. Hope to see you soon at the next event we may run into each other! If any of you would like to stay in contact, feel free to add me on Facebook or follow my sweet tweets. I can be reached via email (v @ as well. I don't do MySpace.

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Jared's List: My list is better than yours!

1. Not very hot, an unexpected bonus
2. Thank you for all the birthday wishes
3. Who wants a gallon of lemonade? I do!
4. Note to self: don’t go to a party the night before a gathering
5. I will not run, I will keep fighting
6. I want to cosplay as Fredrick Chopin
7. Which reminds me I need to get to work on some accessories
8. Let’s try to stay positive
9. Gather, my gijinka~!
10. Carla is here?
11. I didn’t get to play any DS
12. No event drama? Weird…
13. This looks like fun: a bench
14. Oh my God, the burgers
15. Did I see a Ralph at the gathering?
16. Slight burn, but I was fine by Monday
17. Lonely Jared is lonely
18. There can be only one!
19. I don’t care if you don’t
20. Digimon are the champions
21. Old friends, good to see them again
22. Shane’s cup trick?
23. Make it hap’n Cap’n
24. I keep getting dragged around
25. What’s in the box?
26. Give it up for the Old Skool
27. I can’t believe the phrase “old skool” made my list
28. Sigh… why is everyone a voyeur?
29. Prime is the name of a not so obscure Super Hero

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