Quotes are better than ad libs!

“I’ll probably be hung over at the gathering”

“I want to bring Chinatown Wars so when people ask me what I’m doing I can tell them I’m killing hookers.”

“Undershirt or no undershirt?”

“Yep, a black suit in the May sun… good idea…”

“Let’s see what happens.”

“Umbrella… ella… ella…. Yeah…”
"That's my line."

“I’m just looking for my group.”
“Who’s in your group?”
“It’s a Gijnika Persian, an Ash, and uh… not sure what the third is cosplaying as…”

“Snake: he’s good with the ladies.”

“I keep seeing people cosplay from the shows we grew up with.”
“It’s because the new stuff isn’t that good.”

“I’m waiting for the cool kids to all go to the playground.”

“All the single ladies…”

“Man I couldn’t even bring my sword.”

“Lonely Jared was lonely”

“Hi, we met last year.”
*Jared removes sunglasses*
“Still don’t know me? Sigh…”
*Jared walks off*

“There were only seven people there on the first half of day one.’

“This is America, sing in English”
*Jared tosses an invisible hand grenade over his shoulder*

“My blood just froze.”

“Hey Dragon Quest, can I get a picture?”

“I’m such a minor Kingdom Hearts character that Kingdom Hearts fans don’t even know who I am.”



“Come with me I have something for you in my bag.”

“Haha, you still have Meowth.”

“Stan, you saved me.”

“I really feel like diving in.”

“Cold Slither.”

“Did you just flip that guy off?”
*nod nod*
“That’s why we make a good couple.”

“Get a room!”
*Double flip off*

“Need a light?”

“No, honey, think Playboy.”

“Shane, Shaney, Shane-neee.”

“Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind, A gift real special, so take off the top, Take a look inside -- it's my dick in a box…”

“She’s very illegal. Like fourteen illegal.”

“Want to go bear hunting?’

“Group picture?”

Axis Powers is the mortal enemy of Baccano.”

“I haven’t seen you for a year. Remember, that Irvine gathering?”

“Man that was a few months ago, not a year.”
“Oh yeah… well it’s still good to see you.”

“Nice Bounce.”
“Thanks they’re real.”

“So this is where you went off to.”

“With her head in that position I was thinking about something else.”

“Dip me.”
“Why do you always ask me to do that when my body’s weak?”

“We need to do James Bond cosplay. Deb can be Nick Knack, Stan can be Oddjob because he’s Korean…”
“And I get to be Christopher Walken.”

“Next time let’s cosplay Baccano and stab things.”

“Captain Bravo would be the best Fanime cosplay for me.”

“Carla? You didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“If I’d know my San Diego friends were coming to this event I would have told them to come a day early and hit the party last night.”

“Nothing like an Asian pop culture class taught by a white guy.”

“I get this feeling that one of my exs still has my copy of Dark Side of the Moon

“Yeah , Todd invited ten guys and three gals to his party and two of the gals were attached…”

“I think Todd will be hung over until Monday.”

“Oh, Jared in a suit.”

"They were in the Black Cosplayer Gathering. Because the NAACP wants Black Cosplay gatherings now."

"I'll make poffins."

"/CGL gathering! That doesn't mean you, Vic." - Stan

"After all, I am the Audrey Hepburn of cosplay."

"Tog can lick her ankles." - Becky

""Hi Victoria!"
"I'd say 'hi' but the human head does not rotate 360 degrees."

"His name is Erudito. He bears a superficial resemblence to Gainax Boy."
"Jesus Christ NO!"
- Chaz describing Jared.

"I don't even know Gainax Boy."
"It's Justin."
"Gay Justin?"

"Justin is gay?! Since when?!" - everyone at the Anime Los Angeles camp

"I tried saying 'Hi' to you from across the lake." - Jason

"I'm the Queen of Not Being Politically Correct."
"And this is why we're dating."

"What's up, New Jersey?"
"Hey, how you doin'?"

"If were in Anime Central right now, we'd be at McDonald's."

"Just what I need...fast food."
"It's the closest restaurant to the Bank of America theater."

"And if we were at the Bank of America Theater, we'd be watching Michael Ingersoll in Jersey Boys."
"It's going to be your sixth or seventh time seeing Jersey Boys!"
"Seventh actually."

"Why do we keep watching Jersey Boys?"
"Because I can't take my eyes off of you."

"I need to go to Vegas and take Jeff Leibow's head. There can only be one."

"I want to cosplay as Duncan McLeod."
"I like Dunkin' Donuts too."

"Stan and Deb are getting naked in the back seat of his car."
"Isn't that incest?!"

"I did not want to do the original art design for Persian because I'd be naked."

"They stopped being funny when they started."

"It's a cat that goes woof."

"A Canadian cosplayer! Now we know who to blame!"

"Britney Spears is going to be in Spring Awakening: London."

"I hate Spring Awakening. I don't want to be anyone's junk."

"5...4...3...2..1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

"Hey Deb...that thing from All Dogs Go to Heaven..."

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