August typically means another month of summer. A month of summer equals those heatwaves that make us wanna pump up the AC. In a time of total recall, heatwaves, and a blackout on the otherside, was a weekend of celebration. You got that right, my 19th birthday. Okay, so my real birthday is August 8th, but had summer school and finals that weekend. My Valentine drove from the North South Bay to the South South Bay for this weekend of goodness. So why should I include this in Traveling? Two reasons. Some of the events included cosplaying in public and an actual cosplay event held in the heart of Little Tokyo. Why have I chosen a Producers theme? Friday's event should explain it. ^.~ Remember kids, keep it lite, keep it brite, keep it gay.

~ Opening Night ~

~ Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop ~ I Wannabe a Producer ~

~ Where Did We Go Right? ~

~ Haben Sie Gehort Das Cosplay Band ~

~ Prisoners of Love ~

~ Keep it Gay ~ That Face ~