Another year, another Anime Los Angeles. This is Traveling Valentine's second time at the Van Nuys event. We were very thrilled to come back to this fan friendly convention. We were also excited about performing in masquerade. The cost of doing convention media is being unable perform on stage and cover masquerade at the same time. But with a little help from our Nor Cal friend Bart Boy, we were able to rock out on stage. Tom flew down from San Jose to spend time in Los Angeles. 2007 is going to be a commuting year. We drove from my residence to the con.

Anime Los Angeles had more or less an attendance of 1800 people. It is also known as Ribbon Con. A tradition at science fiction convention is decorating your badge to hold ribbons. Tom and I collected plenty of them during the weekend. We plan to continue the tradition handing out our own ribbons for the 2007 season.

Without further ado, read on about our adventures in the valley.

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