Star Wars Expanded Universe 101

The adventure continues…

Star Wars lore goes beyond the movies. The 1990s brought us a whole new universe and generations of all new adventures and stories that expand on familiar characters and introduced new ones. However, since Disney bought out Lucasfilm, the original expanded universe is no longer considered cannon and have been designated into the “legends” continuity. Thus, Disney and Lucasfilm have created an all new cannon following the new movies with a plethora of books, comics, and more. This panel will examine how the legends cannon has influenced the Star Wars franchise and fandom. Most of all, with so many media in both continuity, where does one start?

Convention Appearances: Regal Con, Hydra Comic Con

Presentation Requirements: HDMI, microphones, projector, sound

Estimated Audience: Medium

Because you enjoyed the tentacles in The Force Awakens and Rogue One.