thanks to Seishirou Mike for the image!When the world will say it's done? maybe the quotes will have a thing or two about the world's fate.

What? Another Bay Area convention? Yes, another convention in Northern Cali! Recca Con would be the last anime related convention for Victoria in the 2003 season. Nope, no Japan Expo this year. ;_; Recca Con took place on November 15, 2003 in Pitsburgh, CA. (close to the college I was supposed to go to!) Ledgend has it that it was going to rain during the con. Cosplayers were warned, and brought their warmest costumes. Victoria here decided to wear Yomiko Readman because it was the warmest and most recognizeable.

On November 14th, Victoria boarded the bus to Oakland International Airport. On the way, she read a letter from her ex boyfriend. (aka The Person Formerly Known as Dearest) Let's just say...he didn't respond to John Woo quite well, and that Bob Dylan needs to be assassinated. So took a nice hour and a half neko nap on the bus. I think I had a dream about Matrix: The Musical. Yeah...whatever Presephone wants, Presephone gets. I don't think I'll ever look at Agent Smith clones the same way again after they did "Keep it Gay." Aside from my odd subconcious, I arrived at Oakland and waited for Tom.

And there he was! So we drove over to his parents' friends place for dinner. We had Vietnamese pitas...quite interesting food. I was feeling a little bit sick since I was just getting over strep throat, so we went back to his house to chill out by watching some John Woo goodness. Tonight's movie was Hard Boiled. It was okay, not John Woo's best, but it had it's moments. Check out the quote page for spoiler commentary.

The next day, we woke up quite early. Headed straight to Starbucks and got ourselves wired. I got caffinated on Peppermint Mocha. Let's just say, it's pretty damn strong! 0_0 The drive went well. We arrived an hour before the con started. There were millions of geese in the parking lot. x.x;; Tom and I went around the campus to ask around where the main building was at. When we got there, we went around the building looking at the flyers. Everything from Anti-Christian statements (I'm surprised they got approved for posting) and psychological posters (never can see the old lady).

Time came for registration. Yay for Chiiness on the badges! ^^v So we went to the dealer's room (more of a swap meet). Let's just say I got ripped off at one place. However, there were some pretty good deals on VHS tapes. Tapes that originally went for $30 were going for $5 a piece.

More people started to arrive, so ran into Claudine, Albert, Kenny, Hitori, Mutton, Steph, Rico, Patrick, Pinkmin, Star Wars Jedi Boy,Ziggy, Noriko, and others. Once we got our badges, we decided to go out to lunch over at IHop. Tom got some weird looks, and even the waitress thought he spilled maple syrupp on himself. We did some planning for our skit. We decided to use this oppurtunity to test out Hot Limit.

We drove back to the community college. We checked out the line for the game room. Yay! They had Para Para Paradise. Then we went outside to the grassy knoll for some pure photo op madness. Afterwards, it started to rain. Tom and I seized the oppurtunity for a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire moment.

A Ginger and Fred Moment...widescreen edition

Went back inside to the con area. Just mingled about here and there. It came time for the costume show. I guess we're considered "veteran." Hehe. ^^v So, we got ourselves ready. I started to notice how the area started to look like a ghetto ACen. (think Rosemont Hyatt Regency Hotel like without a phallic tower). For some reason, Kuwabara was attracting the chicks (from the chibi cosplay troupe). Tom felt sorry for the girls in the FFX2 group since it was getting cold. He let Rikku borrow his trenchcoat. Mingled around backstage with the other cosplayers. It's just like AX01 all over again!

It was time to go onstage. We did our skit thing. Yeah, interesting trying to come up with something with Yomiko Readman and Kenji Mursame at the last minute, and trying to tie it with "Hot Limit." ^_^ Audience seemed to like us judgining from the cheering. We had some halftime bits such as the kitty who danced to "Oops I Did it Again" (DDR mix). The winners were announced. Then came the veteran category. Traveling Valentine got third place! Yay! The Darkstalkers bit got second, and Pinkmin got first. ^_^ Congrats to everyone! Really happy that I have gone to a bay area con this season in which the judges knew a thing or two about cosplay. ^_^V

So afterwards, the Traveling Valentine pair just hung out and said bye bye's to friends. Nice way to wrap up the con season. But does this mean Yomiko Readman will be retired now that it's won something? Heck no! ^.~ Tom and I drove back to Milpitas. We stopped by Hitori's house for ice cream and small talk. It was a fun con, thanks everyone! *hugs* Hope to see you guys soon!

Oh, and on a random note, I scored a Millennium Actress dvd at Media Play. Go watch it NOW! And along with that, I scored a movie I only got because I liked the J-pop in it.