First, there was plenty of errands to accomplish before heading to Pacific Media Expo. First, Tom had to drop off material for the GDI. I heard about a Spring Awakening performance in Santa Monica at the very last minute. So we trudged through the dreaded 405 North to the 10 West to Santa Monica to catch the Spring Awakening panel at the Apple Store. Due to traffic, we only caught the last few minutes of the Q and A session.  Yet, we were able to score a few Spring Awakening freebies and talk to Anthony Lee Medina (Otto in Spring Awakening).

Because of the horrid traffic on the 405, we decided just to take side streets all the way down to the LAX Hilton. We made it at around 5:30PM. We caught our friends Mr. Postman, Betty, and Hayley crossing the street to Denny's. We settled into PMX in no time. We easily found a parking space and we had no trouble claiming our press badges.

PMX's not so best kept secret is the Anime Los Angeles Peanut Butter Jelly Room. Located in room 3065, Tom, Stan, and I were able to have as much food and drink to our heart's content. In fact, Chaz and Seline were brewing up mac and cheese, which ended up being our dinner. For the most part, the real party was at the Anime Los Angeles room. While most people were at the Suicide Ali concert, we enjoyed ourselves catching up with friends and discussing the most recent Presidential election.


The nice thing about the ALA PBJ room was the fact that it was on a party floor. Visitors can step out of the room and grab some fresh air. If you wanted a break from the con, it was all here. This is something that the PMX program guide does not tell you about!

I also debuted my Ranka Lee costume. Basically, I took my former Work In Progress Lorraine McFly and made major modifications. Many thanks again to Emerald for pointing me to Cosplay Wig where they had a custom Ranka Lee wig. Nyan nyan! Leave it to Grace to teach me how to do the Nyan Nyan Dance.

Of course, Tom was running around PMX as Dr. House. Tom's Friday pictures are located here.

For the rest of the night, all of decided to hit the karaoke room and sang our hearts out. You can see video and photos in the special karaoke section of the PMX 2008 report. After a long night of socializing and singing, we decided to drive back to Torrance and call it a night.

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