Who can forget last year's karaoke room? While Pacific Media Expo may house j-rock bands and other independant names, you can really feel like an idol singer on the karaoke stage. I found it hillarious that Filipinos were running the karaoke room as it is a huge part of our socializing culture - to involve karaoke in every party. The karaoke room did not fail to deliver. Even with the anime song database crash on Saturday, there was still songs to sing. My only complaint was the English song selection was very vague and unclear. There were plenty of inconsistancies and songs mixed up. Carolyn was dissapointed to only find one Beatles song.

However, one option you could do was provide a CD or hook up your mp3 player to sing along. Friday and Saturday nights were spent singing the night away.

On Friday, after countless minutes in the Anime Los Angeles PB&J room, a group of us went to the karaoke room. Julia and Caitlin rocked out to "Amish Paradise." Carolyn and Julia reprised "At the Beginning." Fer paid tribute to her idol, Alanis, with "Uninvited." Tom, cosplaying as Hugh Laurie, sang one of his tunes, "Mystery." Donning a pink party dress, I sang "So Much Better" from the musical, Legally Blonde. Yes, I even did the fake orgasm part. As I hinted out to the audience, watch out at Anime Los Angeles. The girls wanted to do Spice Girls and draft me in as Scary Spice, though it's already public knowledge that I'm Posh Spice. Finally, Tom paid tribute to the president-elect, Barrack H. Obama, with "Big Black Man."

Video Links
Big Black Man by Tom

And the ultimate evil has arrived on the karaoke stage. It scared Tom.

On Saturday, Tiffany, Tom, Carolyn, and I waltzed to the karaoke room. There was hardly a wait to get up on stage. Tiffany sang "I Believe in You and Me" from The Preacher's Wife. Carolyn cajoled me into singing an Elton Jon duet with her, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." I sang Elton's part because I'm that fabulous. As far as solos by yours truly, I sang out the (movie) theme song to my favorite hentai, Sex and the City. The highlight of Saturday night's karaoke was Tom inventing "bishie karaoke." It's basically karaoke with stripping. He was about to go The Full Monty, but we had to keep this act clean for Youtube. He was too sober to take it off.

Video Links
Born to be Wild by Tom
The REAL Lucky Star by Vic
Man by Tom
The Prop 8 Protest Song by Tom
Wickeder by Vic
Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Carolyn and Vic
California Girls by Carolyn and Tiffany
Let it Go by Tom

On Sunday, the karaoke room instated rules. Yes, it involves a rule about stripping no thanks to Tom on Saturday.

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