Japan Town Anime Faire was held in Japan Town...oh right...that's what they called it that! ^_^; JTA02 marks Traveling Valentine's second JTAF appearance. Because Victoria likes 1960s / 1970s retro / gogo fashion, she decided to make a second Fujiko loosely based on the Lupin III PS2 video game. The format was kept the same: pink dress, white boots, and pink earrings, but I added personal touches. Tom decided to hit the con as Lupin III in red and green coats. With the help of friends from Anime FX, I was able to plan what events to do at JTAF. With the help of Kenny and Muni, we were able to make it to JTAF. That's right, no long arse commutes from Sonoma County to the crazy San Francisco streets. Enough intro babble, let's shag!

.. Incense and Peppermints .. These Boots Are Made for Walking ..

 .. Daddy Wasn't There .. Soul Bossa Nova ..

.. Mais Que Nada ..

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