Traveling Valentine first attended Anime Overdose back in 2004 when it was held at Santa Clara University. Luckily for Tom, Anime Overdose fell on his birthday weekend. What better way to celebrate than at an anime convention? The convention was a success and moved into the city of San Francisco. The new location took place at the Holiday Inn Golden Gate right on Van Ness. Con going veterans may remember that another small con took place there - Yaoi Con. Anime Overdose 2005 brought a variety of industry guests from the animation world. We are not just talking about Asia's best, but Western animation as well. This year's Anime Overdose drew in 1,500 fans. Please enjoy this personal account of Traveling Valentine's adventures at the covention by the bay.

.. What You Waiting For ..

.. Real Thing .. .. Harajuku Girls..

.. Bubble Pop Electric ..

.. Danger Zone .. .. Long Way To Go..

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