It all started out with 2001, as my sister princess Sora dubbed as "The Best ACen ever." Then 2002 followed with a new location and new people. 2003 had a tale of it's own. Would it follow to the expectations of 2001, or would it not? Anime Central 2003 was held in the Hyatt O Hare Regency located in Rosemont. Same location, but the exhibit hall was in the Stephens Convention Center. This was also the debut of three items up my sleeve: 1) Sister Princess Karen, 2)Soletta Orihime, and 3) the use of my digital camera at a major anime convention. For the last two years, Anime Central was home of the Aspiring Voice Actors panel, but this year it halted. However, 2003 brought in Anime Idol where quite a few AVAs tried their hand at.

A report inspired by the winner for Best Picture, I decided to do a Chicago theme to this Chicagoland convention. So, let's pick up the pace. Let's make the parties longer. Let's make the skirts shorter. Let's all go to hell in a fast car and KEEP IT HOT!

thank you Lionel!Thank you Lionel!**I Can't Do It Alone**

**Little Bit of Good**

**Hot Honey Rag**

**Funny Honey**

Thank you Albert!Thank you Albert!**Razzle Dazzle**

**All I Care About**

**We Both Reached for the Gun**