Anime Boston took place on April 3 - 5, 2015 in the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, MA. This is the biggest year ever! Over 26,000 attendees showed up to the fifth largest anime convention in the states. So much so, a theme of epic proportions was very much fitting. "Kaiju vs Mecha" was revealed for the 2015 show. Events and programming was themed around giant robots fighting monsters. This classic Japanese cinematic trope is universal and has been seem time and again in anime and Japanese pop culture. Guests included "Godzilla" actors Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima. Video game composter Yoko Shimomura also made an appearance. Anime Boston has always had a plethora of American dub voice actors; this year we saw Richard Epcar, Ellyn Stern, Cherami Leigh, Mona Marshall, and more. The Scarlet Rhapsody team - Eri Kagami and Jared - covered this year's Anime Boston. This report covers events and highlight's from this year's Anime Boston.

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