Kickin' off 2007 at the little con that fans built in CA's capital city.

Sometimes known as "let's collect ribbons for our badges!" con.

Japanese Culture Night at LMU and Fake Con in La Mirada. 

A prelude to San Diego Comic Con. 

The ladies of Yaoi Con present a small anime con in San Mateo. 

Traveling Valentine's first out of state con - Hello Chicago! 

The Fanime mission files brought to you by MI6 Intelligence.  

Retrospect 2007

Welcome to Traveling Valentine! Ever since Anime Expo 1999, I became enthralled attending anime conventions. Anime conventions are wonderful places to meet friends and network with others. In some cases, creating lifetime friendships and memories. Traveling Valentine is a cosplay media team consisting of Tom and Victoria.  

Traveling Valentine documents the crazy adventures of cosplayers, Victoria and Tom, across the golden state of California. Though we are open to going out of state as we did for the first time in Chicago in 2007

Anime Expo: Vice City. It's a scapegoat for juvenile delinquency. 

International Nana Day: Los Angeles. Celebrate Japan's smash shoujo hit on 07/07/07.

A second round to Sacremnto's anime show. Consider it a college reunion.

Traveling Valentine's first time at the largest event celebrating the popular arts.

Strangers in a strange land. See how the very het Traveling Valentine survives "Gay Con."

Dolpa report here too! LAX gets two events in one month.

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