Wonder Con 2012 took place on March 16 - 18, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Wonder Con is a division of Comic Con International. For the years we have been covering Wonder Con, we have affectionately nicknamed the pop culture convention, "Comic Con Lite." Wonder Con has half the attendance of San Diego Comic Con, but has more programming content relevant to the nerd community. Premieres, previews, and cerebral discussion filled the programming listing. Attendees can shop for hard to find comic books and related memorabilia in the dealer's hall. While Comic Con International has been criticized of loosing their comic roots, Wonder Con delivers it in full force.

This is our third time covering Wonder Con. The last time Scarlet Rhapsody has covered Wonder Con was in 2008 under Traveling Valentine. Our coverage includes summaries of panels, photos of cosplayers, and a podcast discussion of the pros and cons of Wonder Con.

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