Fanime 2011 took place on May 27 - 30, 2011 at the San Jose Convention Center located in downtown San Jose, CA. Keeping their "by fans, for fans" mission and vision, Fanime Con attracts American otaku all over California. Since Anime Expo's move to the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2008, Fanime Con has seen a huge influx of Southern California cosplayers. In their 17th year, Fanime Con is still growing strong by the numbers. This year, Fanime had an awesome international guests of honor line up. Flow, Yoshiki. Halko Momoi, and Yuya Matsushita as musical guests of honor. Fanime Con has a few regulars including Ric Meyers, Giles Poitras, and Hiroyuki Yamaga. However, Yamaga-san could not make it to Fanime this year due to an emergency. However, the biggest surprise was Tohru Furuya, the voice actor for Amuro Ray and Mamoru "Tuxedo Mask" Chiba. Fanime had an all star line up, and that is only just the beginning.

Fanime Con has unique traditions that sets it apart from the average anime convention. The Fanimaid Cafe is well regarded to be the standard for American style Akihabara maid cafes. The Black and White Ball has had a strong reputation as one of the best formal dances at an anime convention. In addition, Fanime also has programming that runs through the wee hours of the day, including the infamous Stage Zero.

The report's theme was inspired by the (stage) musical, "Grease." The show stopping number, "We Go Together" best sums up Fanime's fan friendly atmosphere the best. It has mood and it has meaning.

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