Another Anime Con took place on October 17-19, 2014 in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. This is the autumn New England con for otaku. This is a con that brings in some top tier voice talent from anime such as Chris Cason, J. Michael Tatum, Patrick Seitz, and more. Additionally, the con honors fans that have brought back to the anime fan community - Scott Melzer, known for his fan parody works and NerdFit, known for their over the top panels and internet review site. We also had a Young Adult writer from The South, CC Hunter and the Chalk Twins,who are known for doing larger than life chalk drawings at cons. Another Anime Con is something outta the past - in an age where comic cons are increasing at an exponetial rate, Another Anime Con celebrates bringing otaku closer together for the love of fandom. It feels like a family reunion every year - there's no black sleep, all are welcomed here.

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