The Latest Trip Reports

8 / 8 - Just Around the Riverbend
Celebrating my birthday at the parks.

7 / 11 - Arabian Nights
Celebrating the summer heat.

5 / 2 - All in the Golden Afternoon
Celebrating the significant other's birthday.

Current Directive: See World of Color before the end of summer!

Archive of Disneyland Resort Trip Reports

Disneyland is my childhood. It represents happy memories growing up in Southern California. Whenever my grade school classmates would retort that Six Flags Magic Mountain was superior, I digress. No other theme park on Earth does it better than Disney. Disneyland sets the standards for quality entertainment, themed attractions, and a place that everyone of all walks of life can enjoy.

In 1997, I had a geocities site that documeted various trip reports. I lost interest in going to Disneyland because I was much more focused with high school and moving to the Bay Area for higher education. However, I recently moved back to Southern California, and I am very happy to have Orange County as my second home apart from the South Bay.

Disneyland holds many sentimental memories from wanting to steal the dolls from It's a Small World, seeing how many attractions I can do in a day, trolling the Haunted Mansion ghosts, mom's description of Space Mountain, my younger brother scared to death on Star Tours, and many more.

The photo on the left is from one of my most fondest memories of going to Disneyland with a family friend (circa 1987). My grandma made the frilly blue dress and I felt like I stepped out of Storybookland. This was long before Disneyland started making princess dresses for kids to wear.

I hope you can enjoy this series of recollections and trip reports from what is truly The Happiest Place On Earth.

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