The 2010 year is the year to "Celebrate." Around the Disneyland Resort, visitors are asked, "What will you celebrate?" These banners and promotionals are common in the Southern California area enticing locals to come to the parks. On May 2, 2010, Jared and I went to the Disneyland Resort to celebrate his birthday. Although, his birthday falls on Star Wars day (can you guess what day in May is it?), celebrating his birthday on a weekend day seemed like next best thing. Consequently, May 2 was also Bat's Day. This is the first time I have heard of such an event. I assumed it was an unofficial event since it was not widely discussed on Mice Chat. Bat's Day is essentially the day when the goth kids come to the park. This also includes steampunkers and gothic lolitas.

We arrived at the park in the early afternoon. To start things off, we had a birthday lunch with Jared's dad at La Brea Bakery. I have not ate at La Brea Bakery in a few years. I forgot how delicious the paninis were!

Also during May, California Adventure was celebrating the Food and Wine festival.

We went to the main park first. We were going to meet up with my buddy, Mary, but it resulted in the telephone text tag game. Jared and I watched the Pearly Band. It's probably the closest thing Disneyland has to a Mary Poppins related attraction.

Of course, I always need a shot of the majestic Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Jared and I decided to tour around Fantasyland for most of the day. The lines for the dark rides (with the exception of Peter Pan), went by pretty fast. There was hardly a wait for Casey Jr.

It's really cool seeing Storybookland from the short train ride.

Then we went on the scariest ride in the park. No really, I was terrified of the carosel when I was a kid. Imagine being shorter than 4' 0" and having this fear of falling off the horse. Even to this day, I still cannot have my feet reach the stirrups.

Another obligatory couple-y castle shot.

We decided to hit California Adventure after making our round in Fantasyland. Most of the thrill rides were broken down during the day. Right before we attempted Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones broke down. Just as we were going to get fast passes for Space Mountain, that ride also broke down. We did catch the Celebrate parade as it winded down Main Street.

We also stopped by City Hall so Jared can get his birthday button. After all that walking, he really needed a bench.

We headed straight to California Adventure. The crowd was about the same as the main park, but with less Hot Topic kids. We checked out some of the displays for the Art of Flavor. We decided to go wine and beer tasting on another day.

And there was this show happening in the middle of the main plaza.

Not really a demonstration, but this was one of the demonstration stages for the Art of Flavor. Speaking of food, Jared was able to get his free stack of tortillas.

We also met another face character, Mulan (with Mushu in tow). If anything, this was the highlight of the day. The line to get photos was not long at all and we were very much amused how Mulan and Mushu interacted with each other. I forgot what the context was, but Mulan started chasing Mushu around the Pacific Wharf area.

Of course, the advantage of having a birthday badge is everyone saying "Happy Birthday" to you. Jared and I walked around California Adventure. We ended up going on Grizzly Rapids to cool down.

We went back to the main park to finally meet up with Mary. Mary and her fiancee were in line for the Matterhorn. We were in that direction anyway.

Of course, had to take some obligatory birthday shots of Jared and all of the celebrate related landmarks at the entrance. Many thanks to the Disneyland cast members for taking photos of us!

Jared and I went on the Matterhorn. We met up with Mary (finally). She had already went on the Mattherhorn. She waited in line with us just chit chat and hang out, but she did not want to go on another round on the thrill ride. We decided to walk over to Tomorrowland to meet up with Mary's other buddies. They were just exiting out of Space Mountain (looks like it got fixed). Because the exit to Space Mountain was next to Captain Eo, we heard "Just Another Part of Me." Jared and I were ready for another round of Michael Jackson in space adventures. Not to mention, it was 7PM and we had reservations at 8PM at Rainforest Cafe for Jared's birthday dinner.

Captain Eo was awesome as usual. We also took a look at the various Captain Eo related merchindise. I know a ton of Michael Jackson fangirls who want that rainbow shirt. I think I'll get one for myself too. Maybe.

Jared and I took the monorail to Downtown Disney a very merry birthday dinner. We were seated in a quieter area with a huge fishtank. We had a humble group of people at the birthday dinner. The food was great as always, but I keep forgetting that AP discount does not apply for dinner time.

And to conlude the evening, the kids without college degrees teased Jared for having his Master's degree. (Don't worry Jared, I'll be getting my Master's degree in 2011, so you don't have to feel alone.) Overall, we had a good time celebrating Jared's birthday at the happiest place on Earth. Hopefully, the next report will be about wine and beer tasting at the Art of Flavor! May is not over yet.

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"I win! I win!" - Mulan

"I heard it was Bat's Day, so I decided to dress up like Bruce Wayne." - Stan

"Did you enjoy free bat day?"

"What's up with all the emo kids?"

"This looks like fun; a bench!"

"I need to write Jared and Thinny Disneyland adventures to a Brother Bear theme." - Jared

"I don't post there. I have a life."

"May the force be with you, and also with you. We lift up our light sabres, we lift them up to the force."

Final Attraction Count List

1. Firehouse band
2. Horseless carriage
3. Pearly band
4. Jungle Cruise
5. Snow White's Scary Adventures
6. Pinocchio's Daring Adventures
7. Casey Jr.
8. Celebrate
9. King Arthur's Carosel
10. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
11. Some Mezo-African performance group
12. Mission Tortilla Factory
13. Grizzly Rapids
14. California Screamin'
15. Pixar Friends
16. Mattherhorn
17. Celebrate
18. Star Tours
19. Captain Eo
20. Monorail

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