(L to R: Craig as Deb Lo as Chris Frantz, Charie as Victoria Erica as Tina Weymouth, Tom as K Valentine as David Byrne, and Jonas as Stan Oh as Jerry Harrison.)

WonderCon 2009 took place in the Moscone Center of San Francisco February 27th to March 1st. As I attempted to make sense out of the number of panels, the booths at the Dealers Hall, and the costumed attendees roaming the halls, I came upon the brilliant idea to stop making sense. By simply covering what events I can cover and not losing sleep over what I missed, Traveling Valentine ensures a more enjoyable experience.

To better introduce the concept of "Stop Making Sense," I managed to secure an interview with the co-founder, editor, and field commander of Traveling Valentine, Mr. K Valentine himself.

For those interested in the David Byrne interview that inspired this interview, check it out here.

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