"Global warming for the win!" Triple digit weather figures worried some of us Bay Area cosplayers for this event. We're in Costume, Take Our Picture (WiC ToP) took place July 29, 2006, at its original location in San Ramon Creek. Traveling Valentine had yet to visit the original spot. I also decided, since it was close to my birthday, to bring birthday cake. Because of the impending hot weather, Tom cosplayed as Luffy and I just went in a really nice Victorian dress. 

We left the house at around 10AM to pick up Claudine. Only Tom and Claudine were in normal, civilian clothes.  I was all dressed up. We had to go to Albertsons to pick up the cake and paper plates. I decided on a white cake just because it looked nice. San Francisco was really nice and cold, but by the time we drove into Walnut Creek, things warmed up. 

We arrived at San Ramon Creek at around noon. Luckily, we were able to find parking at the park. The park looked really small. It reminded Claudine of a Renaissance Faire setting. We ran into Luck In Spade's mother, who told us that WiC ToP was down a path (or stairs) into a more secluded area. Over to one direction was the creek, and in the other direction was an amphitheater.

There were Asian ball jointed dolls present. Luts had the dominance (two Els, a Lishe, a Nara, and two others of which I cannot identify). We had this mini contest of who can say "Northern California Asian Ball Jointed Doll Convention" seven times fast. An El brought Grey Goose to the party.

Luck in Spades and Rem had to leave for a while to pick up people from BART. More people came by. We decided to mess around in the creek. To get to the creek, you had to walk down another path. If you wore shoes without tracking, you really had to watch your step. I was really paranoid and thought I would slip. We used that spot for a good photo op area. The Sora cosplayer climbed up a hill and butt-slid her way down the hill.

WiC ToP also had its share of couplehood. We even called one area by the creek, Make Out Point. Who knew that Soubi (Loveless) was into women, Roy is gay for Ed, and Luffy likes to chomp Victorian ladies.

A problem with the creek area (at least for me) was I didn't want to ruin my dress by crossing over. Others were brave enough to cross over for that perfect photo op. Ah well, here was my chance to photograph. Tom just took video of the silliness happening all around.

We returned to the party point. There were many things to eat from potato chips, hummus dip, Safeway sandwiches, and a birthday cake. As we were just sitting and chatting, Bart Boy got in touch with his feminine side. More silly photos were taken. We'll let them speak for themselves.

As the intimate gathering of friends came to a close, it was time to bring out the cake. Before I could blow out the imaginary candles, I had to shake my fist at nature for having a big ass leaf fall on my head. We sang Happy Birthday. I had to cut the cake with a plastic fork. Remember when I said that the cake was a white cake? It turned out to be a chocolate cake! Tom was overjoyed. Bart Boy brought pumpkin pie to share.

It was time to leave. Thanks to Luck in Spades for hosting yet another successful WiC ToP. The WiC ToP badges (with Jack Sparrow in drag) were really cute. We walked back up the beaten path to the car. Claudine, Tom, and I were so tired, but all of us agreed we had fun. Next stop - Anime Overdose.

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