From the middle of November to the 12th of never, it has been non stop work for Victoria - paying bills, shooting video, midterms, signing up for classes, etc. What better way would Victoria spend her time in the company of cosplay folk? After all, she did miss out on Anime Destiny and J Rock Con. Anyways, We're in Costume, Take Our Picture (aka WiC ToP) was held at Sparki's grandmother's home in Ohio Danville. Granted there were other fandom events going on in the bay area (GAME, Some Eigo Manga concert, etc), the cosplay party would take precedence.

And so, our story begins with getting our friend Nando from BART (the train, not the boy). Tom wore a ninja costume and I went as Yomiko Readman (Read or Die). We arrived at Sparki's grandmother's chateau (it was not a house!) at noon-ish. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dollfie Threesome spot the ninja! Bart Boy and his girlfriend Cassandra and Mao Mao L is for Liddo

Anakin Skywalker as Robert Neo Dave as some manong tito person Alan Rickman decided to drop by

The chateau also had a karaoke system. I had my Avenue Q cd with me. Faire Goddes, Sparki, Luck, Dany, and Pikmin's mom gathered around to sing and dance to Avenue Q. I think we got Pikmin's mom wanting to see Avenue Q. She seemed really interested in "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today." Of course, it is very appropriate to sing "Everybody is a Little Bit Racist" in a diverse setting.

Look at Snape's facial expression

A Slytherin Christmas OMG! Ninja! Bart Boy - the best illegal immigrant photographer ever! The Phantom of the Opera is there...wait a minute Yuffie cosplaying from that manga about a color gaurd

Mike and Patrick Mike as that Black Jack guy Tom doing ninja things Let's duel!

Then Tom brought out the goodies from the suitcase. Of course, now everyone had a weapon with them - in costume or not. The cosplay mafia took shape. Yomiko Readman does not need a gun because we all know that it just takes paper to do some damage. What followed afterwards were crazy ninja antics in the backyard. Robert Sr. wanted to do a Yomiko Readman photoshoot, but the thing in the pool kept attacking me. (The chateau has a pool cleaner that sprays water every now and then)

Nando as Nabeshin

Victoria (me) as Yomiko Readman He wanted his picture - AGAIN. ^^;

Robert Sr. with his weapon of choice Next on Martha Stewart Living Shoot the cook!

I forgot who it was who mentioned it, but the guys wanted to see Star Wars porn. Okay, so it was not porn, but when I walked in the room and the guys were starring at - eh nevermind. Of course, the guys conglomerate to the office den to watch Star Wars porn akin to the likes of American Pie. Me? I already had my share earlier in the week seeing Ledgend of Overfiend. "But you only saw two seconds of it during the Madonna concert!" says Tom.

Tsuki No Bara gets into a starring contest Luck also gets into a starring contest The guys watching porn

Tom - fully loaded

Of course, cosplayers were not the only ones present at WiC ToP, but dollfies were very muched welcomed. Then it was more gun crazy time starring Pikmin's dad threatening Bart Boy at gun point. We later found out Pikmin's dad worked for INS and found out about Bart Boy's citizenship status.

Then it was off to compare cell phone ring tones. I can say everyone had at least five game ring tones, and I was the person with ring tones from Wicked and Phantom of the Opera. Followed by that was a big Happy Birthday to Luck in Spades. Happy Birthday!

Talk to the hand Dollfies gone wild She's got me spending Tom groping a dollfie


Bart Boy just realized he got food poisoning

Happy Birthday Luck!

Then Neo Dave somehow got TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET. Tom started getting angry, so he pulled out his gun to get Neo Dave to come out of the closet. Then we all gathered in the office den to exchange livejournal and myspace accounts. (Eh...for me it's soletta on livejournal and on myspace) Then Sparki went on the karaoke machine and sang to the stylings of Hanson. Pikmin Link thought it was three girls singing.

Sparki whipping Mike

Singing "Mmmbop" He's finally out of the closet See ya at the next WiC ToP

So did I! It was already time to heading back to San Francisco (and hitting the inevitable traffic on the Bay Bridge). It was really great hanging out with people and seeing friends again. I really enjoyed all our crazy antics and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you Luck for hosting this event. Thank you Sparki for providing warm and luxurious space for the event. Thank you Tom for putting up with me (and getting Neo Dave out of the closet). I shall see you all at the next Bay Area event!

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