The Southern California Cosplay Spring Gathering is the one of the most anticipated cosplay events in California. On May 8, 2010, over 500 cosplay fans showed up to this event. Even folks from the Bay Area drove down to see what was happening down south. The SoCal Cosplay Gatherings are hosted by a group of cosplayers that typically hold the event in an Orange County location. Last year, the event was held in Irvine. This year, the event was held at Craig Regional Park in Fullerton. The park was bigger, and many of the attendees loved the vast amount of shade from the trees. The area made great woodland backdrop for cosplay photos.

The Scarlet Rhapsody team attended. Stan and Deb went as characters from Black Cat and Jared and I went as the mommy and daddy from Card Captor Sakura (just in time for Mother's Day). Caitlin joined the pack of the many Pokemon cosplayers present; trainers and humanoid forms alike.

First of all, Craig Regional Park is huge. There were several different parking lots, but luckily, park rangers were very helpful in guiding us in the right direction. What amused us the most was that security recognized what series Stan was cosplaying from!


On the way to the gathering, we met the folks who ran the SoCal Cosplay: Plan B. This was another gathering at the same park that targeted those who forgot about the deadline to pay for the gathering. The gathering was run by Ebay Sniper.


We arrived at the main site for the gathering. We checked in and got our wristbands. Luckily, the staff let me wrap my wristband around my purse. Though it was 12:30PM, there were plenty of cosplayers on site.

DSC05638.JPG DSC05639.JPG DSC05642.JPG DSC05643.JPG DSC05646.JPG DSC05648.JPG DSC05649.JPG DSC05650.JPG

DSC05647.JPG DSC05652.JPG

We ran into Big Jarod. Jarod and Stan were discussing plans to cosplay as Bulk and Skull from the Power Rangers series.


And then there was a gathering of the Jareds; all two of them.


What was the most popular series at the gathering? Jared and I were surprised by the minimal amount of Shounen Jump characters (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc). We found that Street Fighter and Pokemon were the most represented series at the gathering. While I have no problem seeing cosplayers from popular shounen series, it was refreshing to see a little bit of everything at the event.

DSC05651.JPG DSC05653.JPG DSC05654.JPG DSC05656.JPG


One of the highlights at SoCal Spring was the Rock Band set up. There was a line for those who wanted to be on vocals. I noticed there was a line up of Lady Gaga songs. Because Jared, Stan, and I were watching this review prior to the gathering, I decided to sing "Bad Romance." Since PMX 2009, it has been tradition that I have to do Lady Gaga karaoke at an event. Deb sang "Still Alive" from Portal. In addition to Rock Band, someone brought a chess set. Now cosplayers can play chess for real!

DSC05641.JPG DSC05691.JPG DSC05671.JPG

The gathering was very pet friendly. Someone had brought a pure breed pug cosplaying as Percy from Pocahantas. It was a very relaxing gathering. I enjoyed time sitting down in the grass and people watching.

DSC05659.JPG DSC05660.JPG

DSC05657.JPG DSC05658.JPG DSC05661.JPG DSC05662.JPG DSC05669.JPG

The food was your standard hot dogs and burgers. Anime Los Angeles brought their supply of pink lemonade as they do every year. Many thanks to SoCal Spring Gatherings for bringing a great amount of food to keep us all going!

DSC05663.JPG DSC05665.JPG DSC05667.JPG DSC05670.JPG DSC05672.JPG

DSC05664.JPG DSC05666.JPG DSC05675.JPG DSC05676.JPG DSC05678.JPG

Ejen, author and editor of a cosplay book called "Cosplay in America," appeared to the event. The book was passed around at the gathering. I noticed some familiar faces in there. What I liked about this book is that it had a great range of amateur to veteran cosplayers and it did not have any biases to a person or a series. There was a great variety of costumes and cosplayers featured in the book. Check it out if you can!

DSC05673.JPG DSC05674.JPG

More coplayers!

DSC05680.JPG DSC05681.JPG DSC05682.JPG DSC05683.JPG DSC05684.JPG DSC05685.JPG DSC05687.JPG DSC05688.JPG

DSC05689.JPG DSC05690.JPG DSC05692.JPG DSC05693.JPG DSC05694.JPG DSC05695.JPG DSC05696.JPG DSC05697.JPG

DSC05668.JPG DSC05679.JPG DSC05686.JPG

As Iron Cosplay went on, a few of us decided to watch it from afar. Jared decided to take a nap on me. Stan took part in Iron Cosplay as a model.

DSC05699.JPG DSC05700.JPG DSC05701.JPG DSC05702.JPG DSC05703.JPG DSC05706.JPG DSC05708.JPG DSC05714.JPG

DSC05704.JPG DSC05707.JPG DSC05709.JPG DSC05710.JPG

DSC05711.JPG DSC05712.JPG DSC05713.JPG DSC05715.JPG DSC05716.JPG

DSC05717.JPG DSC05718.JPG

As mentioned at the beginning of the report, the event attracted a few people from the Bay Area to drive down to the event. Charie, Jonelle, Eve, JR, and Kei have heard great things about this event and they decided to check it out for what it's worth. Good to know that this gathering is attracting the out of towners!

DSC05719.JPG DSC05721.JPG DSC05722.JPG DSC05723.JPG DSC05724.JPG DSC05726.JPG DSC05727.JPG DSC05728.JPG

Then it came time for the raffle. Prizes included swag from various gathering sponsors, generous donors, and gift certificates from Cosworx. None of us came home with anything, but some of our numbers came pretty close.

DSC05729.JPG DSC05732.JPG DSC05734.JPG DSC05735.JPG DSC05736.JPG DSC05737.JPG DSC05738.JPG DSC05739.JPG

DSC05720.JPG DSC05725.JPG DSC05730.JPG DSC05731.JPG DSC05733.JPG

After the raffle, Deb, Jared, and I decided to wander to the creek area for photos.

DSC05740.JPG DSC05742.JPG DSC05743.JPG DSC05745.JPG DSC05746.JPG DSC05747.JPG

DSC05741.JPG DSC05744.JPG

I cosplayed as Nadeshiko from Card Captor Sakura. I joked around being the ghost mom from the series. Jared cosplayed as Fujitaka Kinomoto, Sakura's father. We had fun cosplaying as the December-May couple. The woodland background allowed for romantic types of shots between the two CLAMP characters. Many thanks to Deb for the photos!

DSC05748.JPG DSC05749.JPG DSC05755.JPG DSC05756.JPG DSC05759.JPG DSC05761.JPG DSC05762.JPG DSC05764.JPG

DSC05765.JPG DSC05767.JPG DSC05772.JPG DSC05773.JPG DSC05776.JPG DSC05777.JPG DSC05778.JPG DSC05779.JPG

DSC05750.JPG DSC05751.JPG DSC05752.JPG DSC05753.JPG DSC05757.JPG

DSC05758.JPG DSC05760.JPG DSC05766.JPG DSC05768.JPG DSC05769.JPG

DSC05770.JPG DSC05771.JPG DSC05774.JPG DSC05775.JPG DSC05780.JPG

DSC05781.JPG DSC05782.JPG DSC05783.JPG DSC05784.JPG DSC05785.JPG


Deb cosplayed as Saya from Black Cat. Though it would have much more appropriate to have an urban setting for the character, the woodland background had a classier, exotic feel juxtaposed to Deb's yukata.

DSC05788.JPG DSC05790.JPG DSC05791.JPG

DSC05787.JPG DSC05789.JPG DSC05792.JPG

Caitlin also had fun with sticks. The wild Cleffa used pick up. It appears that Cleffa is holding something.

DSC05793.JPG DSC05794.JPG DSC05797.JPG DSC05798.JPG DSC05799.JPG

DSC05795.JPG DSC05796.JPG

The gathering was coming to an end as the sun was getting ready to set. I ran into some of my old time friends; Nessa, Postman, and others at the last minute. Postman wanted to do a quick photo shoot as Maguma was rounding up the base crew for an after party at Island's.

DSC05800.JPG DSC05802.JPG DSC05803.JPG DSC05810.JPG DSC05811.JPG DSC05812.JPG

DSC05801.JPG DSC05804.JPG DSC05805.JPG DSC05806.JPG DSC05807.JPG

Overall, it was a very nice gathering. It was very well run. True, it was hot, but we had cool breezes and plenty of shade to make up for that. What impressed me is that this event had many representatives from plenty of SoCal events. Mikomi Con's chief was promoting their two big events of the year. Anime Los Angeles had their usual lemonade stand. Pacific Media Expo was looking for cosplayers to feature for an article for a local publication. The gathering reported 521 in attendance. The gathering did feel bigger, and the location was well loved by many. The only complaint I had was the long walk from where we parked to the gathering site. Otherwise, I gotta tip my hat to the ladies of SoCal Cosplay Gatherings. It was well worth the $10 price of admission.


Maguma held the after party at Island's. It was a stone's throw away from the gathering site. We had a pretty big crowd occupying the eating establishment. Suffice to say, the bleu cheese burger did not satisfy Stan's taste buds. Deb and I went with our usual mushroom burger. The great thing about Island's was the endless amount of fries. Of course, the base crew was up to their usual shenanigans. It was cool hanging out with people after the gathering.

DSC05814.JPG DSC05818.JPG

DSC05813.JPG DSC05815.JPG

Many thanks to everyone who made this gathering possible! Let's keep this going on for years!

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