On Sunday May 23, 2010 the release party for “Cosplay in America” was held at Royal T in Culver City, CA. This would be my third time going to a Royal T event and I was pretty happy to go back and enjoy good company and even better tea. Since “Cosplay in America” featured many cosplayers in their signature cosplays, the cosplays that seem to represent a cosplayer and that are most closely associated with that person. Thus, I felt that I should wear one of my signature cosplays. At several events I have been called “Giovanni” or “that guy who cosplays Giovanni” so I chose Giovanni from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen as it seemed to be my signature cosplay.

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There was some minor traffic on the way to Culver City from Orange County, but nothing I have not come to expect from the SoCal freeways. Upon my arrival I ran into Terrance (CoBroRa) Without planning we both showed up as Pokemon villains which worked out well because we spent a good chunk of the event hanging out together.

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The main party was in the gallery of the café featuring Tune in Tokyo. The music ranged from j-pop and anime favorites to sillier songs like the theme to Teen Titans. As I had heard about this event at the SoCal Spring Gathering and the only announcement seemed to be on Facebook. I did not expect a large group to show up. I arrived at 12:30PM and there were several cosplayers already at the café. By 2:00PM I was surrounded by many familiar faces and I found myself running around trying to get everyone on film.

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The party music led to a big cosplay dance party. It began with only a few cosplayers dancing the Hare Hare Yukai, but eventually a big group gathered to do some Para Para and Carmelldansen.

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Nearly everyone picked up a copy of “Cosplay in America”, it was running at $40 and features some of the most beautiful cosplay pictures I have ever seen. It is an amazing coffee table book that best shows off the true art of the cosplay hobby.

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Ejen Chuang, the author, and several cosplayers gladly signed the books. Ejen Chuang was mingling with everyone and posed for many pictures with those who picked up a copy of his book.

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Even at a book release party I cannot escape dollfies at a Royal T event.

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After a bit of mingling I stopped by the boutique to see what was new. I was hoping that I could find packets of the tea blends, but sadly I did not see any. I really do hope that Royal T starts selling some of their blends, I would pick up as much as I could carry to bring it home to Orange County.

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.Since I was at the café section I had to grab myself a nice cup of tea. I wanted to get a seat and be served by the lovely Royal T maids, but I did not want to be seated alone, as people might think I am a weirdo who has a thing for maids. I found that the best place for getting tea when you are going solo is the bar, which had great service. I decided to go with golden oolong tea on ice due to the suggestion of the barista. It was very refreshing and I must say that I love the tea at Royal T. I highly recommend the jasmine rose tea and the milk tea as the Royal T blends are excellent.


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Although I had fun with everyone I sadly did not get to say goodbye. I was called out and I had to leave abruptly which was a bit of a surprise to me. I am sorry for not saying “bye-bye”, but as I am likely to see everyone at Fanime I hope that no feelings were hurt. It was great to see everyone and meeting some new friends at the party. This was a very fun experience and I always love going to the little tea house in Culver City. I hope to come back soon to enjoy more of my favorite teas.

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