During Recca Con, we had some interesting weather patterns. It was sunny, it was overcast, and then it rained. Hence the title. Before Recca Con 2005, Traveling Valentine attended an event prior. It was not quite anime, but it was still a slice of Asian popular culture. The Ring 2 had opened in theatres during Recca Con weekend. All we can say that was some funny stuff. We spent more time figuring out what images would be the best livejournal icons and captions.

Of course, quotes are always fun.

Recca Con 2005 started Saturday morning. We picked up our friend Hitori from her house. She was in her D costume from Pet Shop of Horrors. We drove from Milpitas to Los Medeanos College. The weather was slightly overcast once we got there. Also, Tom and Nando greeted each other like men with guns. After getting registered for the convention, we ran into Sana, Richii, and Pikmin. The three were in their Prince of Tennis episode 115 costumes (Prince of Western). Since they plotted to cosplay as TeniPuri 115, Tom and I changed to our respective Prince of Tennis costumes.

BART Boy (aka Horhay, the veterano) Robert as Neo Sana as Ryoma Tom as Kaidoh

V as Oishi Liz as Tezuka Jenn as Fuji

For more Prince of Tennis fun, check out Consplayer's gallery. Pikmin's father did a photoshoot of our group. Afterwards, we went back into Pikmin's trailer and changed back into our Gunslinger Girl costumes. For the most part, we just walked around the area, seeing if there was anything to do. Wendell had his show going on. We were carousing through the swap meet. Didn't really find anything of interest. Said "hi"'s to our friends who were running such tables. I took a few pictures of cosplayers along the way. Christy was going around asking for Recca Con cosplayers if they wanted to join Iron Cosplay. Traveling Valentine accepted the challange.

Yuna Wedding Yuna I'm Chiyo! Lucky selling swag! Tsuki No Bara and her poochie!

Liz as Link Richi as Ed Sana's mother

I don't have much pictures from the creative process of Iron Cosplay, but here was the run down. The theme was Magical User. The special ingrediant was pipe cleaners. The time limit was an hour (but it was extended). It was a very interesting experience. Tom did the construction on my "costume." For the most part, we were just doing whatever since we didn't have to necessarily be a pre-existing character. Hey, Iron Cosplay is supposed to be fun! Then came the time of judging. Traveling Valentine got Most Humorous. Thank you! ^_^

For the most part, we just went back in our full Gunslinger Girl costumes and wandered around the con and chilled out with friends. USA Musume put on a karaoke show. That was cute and fun at the same time. It was based on musical chairs, but it was like a karaoke musical chair game. Thanks for the free chocolates! Then we got ready for the masquerade...

Yeah, that's me during Iron Cosplay

Umi from MKR USA Musume and Ramen & Rice CJ as Meg Ryan

Another Iron Cosplayer sighted

We waited a while for masquerade to start. While that was going on, I discovered that the violin case had a real violin in there. So, we passed the violin around to pass the time. We felt very warm inside the consplayers room! It was windy and chilly outside! Hitori would be in our skit. Basically, we just renacted a Gunslinger Girl version of a Monty Python skit. Hitori was drafted to be in it as a victim. The masquerade went pretty well. Traveling Valentine (plus a Hitori) won the Best Use of a Banana award. Yeah, it was judges award type of thing, but that's still cool! ^_^

Right after masquerade, we decided it was a good time to leave Recca Con. Traveling Valentine took final Gunslinger Girl pictures. Hitori tried to run off with C.J.'s Tidus sword. We said our bye bye's to our friends. To celebrate our small victory, Tom, Hitori, and I went to IHop for dinner. Unlike the Spring Recca Con of last year, IHop was not invaded by cosplayers and the setting was pretty calm. What can I say, nothing like a burger and fries meal at a spiffy sit down restaurant (NOT Mickey D's) with good company to end the evening.

nice Tidus dress sphere bye bye!

Like always, it is nice to see friends again. It was great seeing fellow SoCal-ers Richii and Sana. Thanks for bringing up your TeniPuri costumes (and getting Pikmin into the act). Thank you Recca Con folk for putting on this fun event. There was so many things that was very fun about the con! I hope you guys keep this up in years to come. You rock, Jason!

Pictures are copyright by Victoria Erica. If I took your picture, feel free to use it on your site or cosplay gallery. If you want me to remove something, kindly email me. While you're here, do sign the guestbook. This con report was brought to you by the font Malboro.