Wild gijinka pokemon roamed the domesticated and tended grassy knolls of Fullerton, CA on April 24, 2010. The event was simply a few friends having a good time in Pokemon gijinka cosplay. The Pokemon gijinka phenomenon occured in early 2008 when fan art surfaced the web showcasing an artist conception of how human form Pokemon would look like. Thus, this inspired cosplayers world wide to create costumes based upon the fan art or create designs of their own. Even after the "official fan art" was made popular by the cosplay community, Deviant Art members posted their own conceptions and interpretations of gijinka pokemon.

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In the beginning, I thought that this would just be another fad like Animal Magnetism (furry themed dating sim) back in the early 2000s and like the former, it would phase out after a year. Deb and I resisted and continued to cosplay as respective trainers so we could chuck pokeballs at people. However, I eventually met a Giovanni who needed to replace a Meowth so he could hand it over to a Jesse and James. That's right.

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I typically cosplay as Persian, the classy cat pokemon. For the picnic, I made a second version of the outfit which was much more park and outdoors friendly compared to wearing an evening gown. I preferred doing my own original designs since the "official fan art" makes Persian look like they would be running around naked. A classy cat is not a nudist colony resident. Deb typically cosplays as Gijinka Shaymin. This was one of the first outfits she made by herself. The hair clips were a gift from Yaya Han.

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The picnic was a fine and relaxing day in Orange County. The weather was perfect. No chance of rain or a dark cloud in sight. We also had an event photographer to take photos of the picnic. It was fun explaining to her what type of Pokemon we were. We had some stares by the normals, including a Mexican Sweet Sixteen Brigade. However, a few kids wanted to take photos with us. Overall, it was a relaxing event.

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Many thanks to Zach, a fellow Loyola Marymount lion, for putting on this event! Many thanks to Tiffany, a fellow Chapman panther, for all the coloring pages and crayons. Many thanks to Jenna for taking group shots with my camera.

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