Pfft, who needs notes?

So much has happened since the last time I was at PMX. Last year was rather crazy for me. I had personal issues to deal with and I took care of my little brother for the majority of the con. Last year was also the convention that convinced me to make my own horror panel, which I presented four times this year. This year had many surprises and I found myself quite busy on all three days.

This year really showed what PMX could really be. There was quite a growth from last year. One of the new improvements I hope returns is the swap meet. I only got to briefly stop by the meet, but I saw some good things and I have heard from several people that the turnout was really good. Small cons like these can get a nice boost from a swap meet area. Not only can rare things be found, but it also gives people a place to wander and discuss during the convention.

There were some issues with getting my panels set up, but that was no fault of the convention. In fact the staff was very helpful in getting my panels back into the schedule. It is too bad we did not get a large turnout, but Sunday is usually hangover recovery day for PMX so I was not surprised. The other panels were decent, but it seems like there was very little attendance at most panels. This is a shame since the programming was quite impressive this year. I will admit that it was fun to sit in on the Hangry and Angry and Papillion panels as it allowed me to learn aspects of Japanese culture that I would not have otherwise lerned. Also it is always fun to flirt with a guest of honor, as unprofessional as that sounds.

A welcome addition to PMX is the tribute to Filipino culture. PMX usually focuses upon Japanese and Korean culture. This year the con was more “Pacific” due to the addition of Filipino programming to the con lineup. The surprise guest appearance of Manny Pacquiao was amazing for a con this small, but it should have been better promoted. Missing the opportunity to meet the Pac-Man in person is a big let down for me. The inclusion of an eskrima tourney was quite a surprise for me as well. I watched some of the matches and I am very impressed with how well everything was run. I think the inclusion of cultures other than Japanese makes PMX stand out from other cons. In future years I would love to see more Hong Kong cinema, Malaysian art, but no Vietnamese culture (Charlie don’t surf).

It feels like PMX expanded more this year than most cons do over several years. It is nice to see the pocky room expand to include onigiri and sushi as well as ramune. However, I feel the ticket system was unnecessary, purchases could have been made at each table just as easily. I do regret not checking out the sake room, I just got distracted from what really matters at PMX getting wasted. Jokes aside, the sake room and the little Japanese boutique are very nice expansion that PMX really needed.

Overall this was one of the better cons of the year for me. I met up with several of my friends, I got to see people beat each other up, I had good food, and hit a few room parties. This expansion of the convention is a good sign. It is nice to see the last con of the year growing and improving as years go by. There is very little I can suggest for next year, other than keep doing what you are doing. There was more to do this year, but the con kept the relaxed atmosphere of previous years. I can’t wait to return next year to do it all over again.

I now leave you with my list and as always if you have comments or questions feel free not to e-mail me at: Jared (at) Until next time give my love to Papillion

My List- I survived

1. One year since that day
2. It’s nice to see all my old con friends again
3. Personal best: J-pop singer
4. Sigh… traffic…
5. I won at Uno
6. Ooh, maids!
7. Tsundere girls are a pain
8. A dollfie?
9. I missed Manny Pacquiao?!
10. Every great man has a great woman pushing him forward
11. Hot tea on a Sunday morning
12. Too bad about the party scene…
13. Does this mean I have to bring the little lady to every convention?
14. Traditions
15. Alcohol + exhaustion + dancing = dumb idea
16. No worries, just go with it
17. Lady Gaga is pretty hot
18. Katamari on the Rocks
19. Note to self: Reorganize the Horror Panel –again
20. War Stories could have been better, but not bad for a first run
21. A con with almost no drama, nice change
22. Video wipes out my batteries
23. Next project: The Fortuneteller
24. Mwahahahahaha
25. Yeah Tomoe will be going to more cons
26. Nobody expects the Papillion
27. Best wishes to Gretel
28. There was so much I didn’t do
29. Babysitting at cons: not recommended
30. Nothing like flirting with a gal who can’t speak your language
31. Last prime line of the year and that's funny!

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