Shortly after Pacific Media Expo 2009, I attended a panel at Loyola Marymount University called "Filipinos and the Mass Media." Guest speakers Jane Moreal (enCompass Entertainment), Winston Emano (David Magdael & Associates), and Janelle So (KSCI LA 18) commented about the the lack of Filipinos in the general media. As a member of the press, I really do enjoy covering anime conventions every year. While Pacific Media Expo has a strong Japanese popular culture following, it did make me happy to see a few Filipino related events going on (martial arts tournament and hearing about Brown Soup Thing's screening). In Pacific Media Expo's sixth year, it is nice to see many aspects of Asian popular culture covered other than your standard anime and J-rock bands. PMX 2009 gave us a buffet of programming cross-culture.

The return of Angelic Pretty made many Lolita fashionistas jizz in their bloomers. While there was schedule conflict, we could not attend the tea party event. We hope that Pacific Media Expo continues to invite Angelic Pretty because the news seemed to draw many of the local Lolita community. High numbers are good for PMX's longevity.

Pacific Media Expo seemed to have a lively atmosphere this year. There were more attendees and much more to do. Last year, Pacific Media Expo was categorized as "dead lobby con." In other words, it simply was a hang out event that only appealed to locals. A commuter con, if you will. With a few change in schedules, particularly the cosplay contest changed from Sunday to Saturday drew in more people interested in the event giving the people more to do. There was always something interesting going at PMX. Bored? Go window shopping in the dealer's hall or stop by the concerts. Likewise, the karaoke room was alive and kicking. The karaoke room continues a tradition of short wait times and it's always a party. Forget the rave, let's groove to "Katamari on the Rocks."

It is questionable if Pacific Media Expo will get a larger space next year. I do like the LAX Hilton, even though the lighting is dim for cosplay photos, but one cannot deny that it is a nice location. It was also helpful of the press department to provide a listing of photoshoot locations, if you enjoy taking cosplay glamour shots. The press department has been the most helpful staff ever. They were able to honestly tell us what had happened with the programming director and were still able to schedule our panels for the expo. Though we did not fill up the panel room on Sunday, it was still nice of them to set things up for us. Thank you, press department.

Strangely enough, I did not rely on the Anime Los Angeles con suite as much as I did last year. For most of my meals, I went to the Pocky Tasting room. Do not let the title baffle you, I actually do care about what goes in my system. The room had sushi and onigiri for less than $10. While it is not covered with show admission prices, you have to admit that is a pretty good deal. Your other option (for the broke otaku) would be to go next door to Carl's Jr.

Would I return to Pacific Media Expo? Because I'm a local to the area, I do not see why not. There have been talks of moving PMX back to the Long Beach Convention Center and the Anaheim Convention Center. Can you imagine how many people would to PMX if it was held at the Anaheim Convention Center? That location is akin to holy ground for most Southern Californian otaku because of the years Anime Expo was held there (2003-2006). As long as Pacific Media Expo continues to expand their programming and keep up the great work, I will continue to support this event.

I can be reached at v @ should you have any comments, suggestions, etc. If we happen to cross paths in 2010, feel free to say "hi."

So, how about bringing in Manny Pacquiao as a guest of honor for 2010? He sings...he acts...and I think he gets into fights.

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