Karaoke has it's origins in Japan and the Philippines. Technically, the Japanese did invent the sing along style with a recorded track, but in the end, a Filipino patented the first karaoke machine. Since I have been going to Pacific Media Expo, the karaoke room has been my favorite part about the weekend.


The first time Deb and I stepped into the karaoke room was on Saturday morning. I was too lazy to take out my video camera that early, but we were entertained by some guys who sang their own rendition of "Anyway You Want It" by Journey. Even though karaoke at anime conventions is usually associated with Japanese songs, songs in English are very much welcomed at PMX. On Saturday morning, I sang "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. Deb and I paired up to duet to "Burn Down Hot Topic" followed by the unexpected Rickroll ("Together Forever").

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On Saturday evening, once the masquerade festivities were over, the wait to sing karaoke was longer than previous years. We waited for an hour for our turn to come up. To start Deb did an encore of "Climax Jump."

After masquerade and for karaoke, I decided to cosplay from He is My Master. I even teamed up wit the Kuroshitsuji gathering and AniMaids for photo ops.

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Saturday night, much like previous years was always the happening place at PMX. Between the rave, the parties, and karaoke there was something for everyoneto do. At the karaoke room Stan was learning the joys of swing courtesy of Sarah, Big Wes, and myself.


Other karaoke tunes caught on video included:

"The Hetalia Song" by Hetalia people
"Poker Face" by Your's Truly
"Katamari Damancy"
"End of the Century"
"Sail Away" by Agent Sakura 9
"God Knows"
Big Wes Does What He Does Best
"Right Now"
"Super Freak" by Big Wes
"Are You John Conner? No, I'm Not" by Stan and Deb
"Single Ladies" by Your's Truly
"Schism" by Anonymous of Los Angeles

At one point the room had to be Febrezed and we stepped out for fresh air.


When we finally stepped out of the room, we found a huge last minute revelation. Manny "PacMan" Pacquaoi was at PMX. Of course, it had to be mentioned on a flyer. The time that I was at masquerade and grabbing dinner, he showed up!


Otherwise, karaoke time can be summarized by good times and being high off positive energy. While it took longer to wait than previous years, it still is one of my favorite aspects of PMX.


Later in the night, the Scarlet Rhapsody team rendez-vous at the karaoke room. No, we did not sing together, although it would have been funny to do "December 1963" together, but it was close to 1:30AM. We had a panel at 11AM later in the day. It was time to call it a night.

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