"The Jetta is a car for girls or gay guys. Don't tell Stan I said that."

"Call Chris Hansen." - Andrew

"Hey Ethan! I'll give you a fry if you leave me alone." - Andrew

"Did you just pop one out?" - Fer

"These are the cosplay photographers. They are mostly Asian men."

"Moon Healing Escalation!"

"It's a part of the get-you-more-friends-plan."

"I'm singing an image song from the series I'm cosplaying from."
"He is My Master?"

"Just a small town girl..."

"There will be no singing of Queen."

"We need a Hetalia Philippines."
"I'll be the boy version, you can be the girl version. You can dress up as a nurse!"

"Hetalia Philippines would be the ultimate uke."
"Spain, Japan, England, America, India..."

"Peas, Jay. I want more peas."

"And we were playing to two Mexicans and a guy with no nose."

"This hotel does not have tea bagging."

"You spin my head right round right round when you go down now."
"Baby are you down down down down down down, even when the sky is falling down?"

"I don't listen to Top 40 music."

"And Victoria is going to tell the single ladies if you like it you should put a ring on it."

"Po-po-po-poker face."

"Hey Sexy!" said Stan to Tim

"We introduced Stan to a girl!"

"No homo." - Tim

"I'm officially the ALA bum."

"Let's have bedtime stories. Once upon a time, Stan was Arthur King of the Brittons."

"I think Julia spirit is right over there."

"We like them chocolates."

"Are you cosplaying as penis nurse?"

"Andrew needs to invade the yaoi gathering."

"All of this was hand stitched on a lazy Sunday watching 80s movies."


"Have you seen Maguma? Neither has Stevie Wonder."

"To the benevolent Jared James Griego..."
"No one has ever called me benevolent before."

"Jared got a letter from Miles Bennett Dyson today."

"Ghost Hunt - not to be confused with Ghost Hunters."

"Wait for it...wait for it..."

"Fuck you dolphin and whale!"


"I get to hear people talking in your funny language."

"Filipinos are funny people."

"It smells like horse funk in there."

"It's a song about sex!"

"We watched Alice in Wonderland - the musical porno!"

"Don't hug me. Think of the beads."

"It says explicitly in the Bible that you shall not mess with another man's dog."

"We were looking at Ray's polished nuts."

"I made a vart."

"America, fuck yeah."

"Last year was Obama Con."

"I could have told my elevator story."

"Kanye West, is that you?"

"I couldn't even break 1000 on the SAT!"

"Pocky Face?"

“I just want a con with no drama.”

“We’re playing the waiting game.”

“Oh you didn’t… a dollfie?”
“Happy Anniversary!”

“A…a… a… dollfie? You got me a dollfie?”

“Troublesome Eri is troublesome.”

“It’s the Black Cat train, choo-choo!”

“Oh, Uno! I thought you said Yugioh, I don’t play that crap.”


“Video Games?!”

“Nothing’s going down until Saturday.”

“I’m addicted to Cocoa Puffs!”

“Hold up, Wailmer is in there.”

“First we need to-“
“Go to the pocky room.”

“I’m thinking about buying that whip.”
“I’m not into that.”

“Oh cool, Filipino stick fighting.”

“Next time they should fight with yo-yos.”

“I need to find out what the derogatory word for white is in Tagalog.”

“I flirted with one of the j-pop guests, so I met my quota.”

“That guy is fucking nuts!”

“Yeah they just came and shut down the party.”

“It tastes like Robitussin.”

“I flirted with Papillion.”
*Steps on foot*

“I missed Manny Pacquiao?!”

“I’m alright-oh maids!”
*steps on foot*

“It doesn’t matter who I flirt with, I love you.”

“Tool, fuck yeah!”

“Lady gaga is a troll. She’s mocking everything that everyone thinks she stands for.”

“Dancing while drunk and exhausted… I’m an idiot.”

“I drank that spiked Red Bull. I don’t know what was in it, but it gave me enough energy to dance and almost collapse afterward.”

“Not bad for a second wind.”

“I wanted to shout out this is my girlfriend and I love her, but I figured that’s something a drunk guy would do and I had enough presence of mind not to do it.”

“Are you part of the cleaning staff?”

“Let’s call this my third wind.”

“Yeah, yeah we’re all adults here.”

“Do you need anything baby?”

“It’s the bill.”
“What’s its story?”

“Burn in Golden Hell!!”

“The shape shifting monster turns into lady parts and one of the characters does mommy-daddy things with it to defeat it.”

“Can you sign my petition? If I get 50 sigantures my friend says he will cosplay Jaraiya.”

“It’s my tradition to have soup at this con.”

“You’re the one thing that keeps me going.”

“Next time I’ll sing The Ramones.”
“Have the Rolling Stones killed.”

“She doesn’t have a name yet?”
“I’m not sure if she’s an Erin.”

“How did you get into this?”
“That’s a good question.”

“I feel compelled to make that Lady Gaga AMV.”

“Where’s the little lady?”

“Did you throw up?”

“I call her Bun-Bun because I forget her name.”

“Jared we forgot to go to the sake room.”
“Damn it!!”

“She’s such a model.”

“Eri is made of air because she’s airy.”

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