On Sunday, everyone in the hotel wanted a nice cup of tea. The LAX Hilton did not provide any tea bags, so I went down to the cafe to grab everyone breakfast tea. However, the line was long and there was only one person behind the counter. To wait for the line to dwindle, I decided to visit Ms. Cholong's Asian Ball Joint Doll Fashion panel. Ms. Cholong talked about how people like to dress up their resin dolls in cosplay and gothic Lolita fashion. She even showed a few Naruto style Asian Ball Joint Dolls in her presentation. To a panel of less than five attendees, she showed off the Doll Heart fashion line. Although Doll Heart is a company that creates and designs doll clothes, they are working on making fashion inspired by Tokyo street style for people. Hayley modeled a gown based on the Doll Heart FER line.

DSC03612.jpg DSC03611.jpg DSC03610.jpg DSC03609.jpg DSC03607.jpg

Ms. Cholong's presentation combined elements of what differentiates PMX from your usual anime convention. She talked about the popularity of Japanese street fashion and anime. She touched on how people involved into those respective fandoms like to tie in what they like with thier expensive doll hobby. It was an infomative panel. For fans of Doll Heart fashion, Ms. Cholong confirmed that Doll Heart USA (Glendale, CA) will be carrying varied colors of the FER gown (doll sized).


After waiting in the panel, I finally bought English breakfast tea for the Scarlet Rhapsody team. We packed up our things and just got ready to check out of our hotel room at 10:45. At 11AM, we were given our room for Horror and Thriller Anime panel. "It is a panel that focuses on horror and thriller genre anime and manga. It discusses good and bad titles within that genre - with sexy results," Jared says.

Jared's Overview of the Scarlet Rhapsody Panels

This was my forth time doing the Anime Horror and Thriller panel. A panel dedicated to horror anime and manga. I have learned while working with this panel that it works best with a large audience. Audience interaction makes all the difference, as does having the panel at night rather than in the morning. However, due to things outside of my control the panel was set for Sunday morning. Although there was not a strong turnout it was still fun to talk about my favorite genre along with Stan and Deb as my co-hosts.

DSC03613.JPG DSC03614.JPG DSC03615.JPG DSC03616.JPG DSC03617.JPG

After my horror panel it was time for the Convention War Stories panel I had proposed earlier in the year. This was also meant to be a late night panel due to content, but like my horror panel it had to be moved to Sunday. Once again we had a small audience but it was a good test run of the panel. We all told weird stories about our adventures at conventions and even had some audience participation due to Captain Gundam. Overall, even with the scheduling confusion we had a good time doing our panels. War Stories was especially fun because we had the whole team present.

DSC03618.JPG DSC03619.JPG

After our panels ended the group split up. Stan and Deb went off to hit the dealerís hall one last time meanwhile Victoria and I went down to the Hilton Café to have a quiet lunch. She had a bowl of pasta and I had the split pea soup. Both of us enjoyed our lunch and it gave the two of us time to reflect on the fun we had at the convention.


And back to Victoria...

We did one last run through the dealer's hall just to see if we missed anything. I was able to re-connect with an old convention buddy, Kitty C. There was not much of interest in the dealer's hall, save for a few Pullips from Valley of the Dolls. However, we did get to hang out with our friend Emerald on this lazy Sunday.

DSC03625.JPG DSC03629.JPG DSC03630.JPG DSC03631.JPG

DSC03635.jpg DSC03628.jpg DSC03627.jpg DSC03626.jpg DSC03624.jpg DSC03637.jpg

Of course, I had to get a few photos of myself as Princess K in front of Starry Petals. Why not Angelic Pretty? They will not allow photos in their boutique.

DSC03636.jpg DSC03634.jpg DSC03633.jpg


The rest of Sunday was much like last year. Things start to die down after 2PM. People are already heading home. However, it was a good hang out time. I got to talk to my friends from CosFest as they were manning the Anime Los Angeles table. Let it be known that Carolyn is now the Anime Los Angeles bum. She was hiding under the table and scarring passer-bys.


DSC03647.JPG DSC03623.JPG DSC03621.JPG DSC03622.JPG

Stan and Deb cosplayed as Kenzo and Lisa from Bleach. Deb found a few good things from the dealer's hall including a plush of the prince from Katamari Damancy and a Tortoro wallet. It was getting close to 4PM. Somehow, someway, we managed to Tetris all our luggage into Stan's Jetta.

DSC03642.jpg DSC03641.jpg DSC03640.jpg DSC03639.jpg

DSC03638.JPG DSC03644.JPG DSC03645.JPG DSC03646.JPG

We went back to my place before 5PM. While we were noming our pizza, we realized that the 2009 convention season came to a close. This was an exciting year for Scarlet Rhapsody - transitioning, transcending, and traveling. I am very proud of the press team - Stan, Deb, and Jared - for being as dedicated as they are. Here's to 2010!


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