Saturday was a busy day for every member of the staff. While Victoria and Deb took care of pre-masquerade prep. Stan and I were off taking care of different things and going to panels. The day began with checking out the dealerís hall and watching my little brother until lunch time. After lunch I ran back to the hotel room in order to change from Watanuki (xxxholic) to Rock (Black Lagoon). This was a cosplay I threw together the day before to surprise my friend Shane who was cosplaying as Mr. Chang from Black Lagoon.

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Shane and I got together for a quick photoshoot on the second floor of the Hilton. It was too bad we could not find any more Black Lagoon cosplayers. Other members of the Scarlet Rhapsody team cosplay from Black Lagoon, but for various reasons they could not be a part of the shoot. The shoot was pretty quick, but it was fun for me to try out a new (semi-joke) cosplay.

IMG_2352.JPG IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2355.JPG

After the photoshoot there was some time for wandering. This led me to stumbling into the Hangry & Angry panel. I was not aware of what Hangry & Angry was all about. After the panel I am still not sure if they are a clothing line, a musical act, or some combination thereof. It was still very interesting and it taught me a little bit more about the weird culture that is Japan.


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After the panel I decided to stick around for the Papillion panel. I am not very familiar with J-pop music thus I was not sure what to expect from this duo. The panel was interesting for me. I learned new facts about Japanese music, fashion, and beauty routines. These two panels were very different from the usual panels I hit. However, part of the con experience is trying new things and I was glad to try something new and besides it is difficult for me to resist a panel featuring two beautiful Asian women.


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While I was off learning about music and fashion Stan wandered into the big draw of the convention the Nabeshin panel. Stan recorded his thoughts on the panel and here they are:

TravelCast: Stan & Nabeshin

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