There is no better way to start off the day than watching reruns of Saved by the Bell right before heading to con. Thanks to Jared, we were well stocked with our favorite breakfast bites - cereal and pop tarts. Deb cosplayed Ryotaro from Kamen Rider Den-O complete with the belt. Batteries not included. Jared cosplayed as Watanuki from XXXholic. With the misfortune of being Watanuki, Jared can see the ghastly auras of fanboys and fangirls. I finally was able to debut Mio from K-On at a con. Ergo, I wanna rock this con.

There were other Mio cosplayers at Pacific Media Expo, but I was the only one in the school variant. Jared let me borrow his Guitar Hero controller for an accessory. Most of my morning was spent doing judging for the CosFest, PMX's cosplay contest.

DSC03537.JPG DSC03535.JPG DSC03521.JPG DSC03520.JPG DSC03501.JPG DSC03499.JPG

DSC03536.JPG DSC03500.JPG

After being judged, I went to the dealer's hall. There was not much selection. I found the swap meet to be much more interesting. The deler's hall was more of the same from last year, but everyone has different taste in what they look for.

DSC03455.JPG DSC03454.JPG DSC03453.JPG DSC03452.JPG DSC03450.JPG DSC03510.JPG DSC03509.JPG


Around noon we met up at the Pocky Tasting Room for lunch. Aside from the confectious name, they also served sushi and onigiri. I also tasted strawberry flavored ramune for the first time. For those otaku on a tight student budget, the Pocky Tasting Room had sushi going for five to seven dollars.

DSC03465.JPG DSC03462.JPG DSC03461.JPG DSC03460.JPG

DSC03463.JPG DSC03464.JPG

The light was much better in the daytime hours at the Hilton. I took a few photos of my Mio cosplay.

DSC03488.JPG DSC03487.JPG DSC03486.JPG DSC03485.JPG DSC03484.JPG DSC03480.JPG DSC03493.JPG

DSC03481.JPG DSC03483.JPG DSC03489.JPG DSC03490.JPG DSC03492.JPG

Then I took a few photos of Deb's Ryotaro.

DSC03479.JPG DSC03478.JPG DSC03477.JPG DSC03475.JPG DSC03474.JPG DSC03473.JPG DSC03472.JPG

And then it was Watanuki's turn.

DSC03471.JPG DSC03469.JPG DSC03468.JPG DSC03466.JPG

DSC03467.JPG DSC03470.JPG

Of course, Saturday drew in the most attendance numbers. There were many cosplayers gallavanting in the main lobby.

DSC03457.JPG DSC03456.JPG DSC03538.JPG DSC03519.JPG DSC03508.JPG DSC03507.JPG DSC03504.JPG

DSC03503.JPG DSC03505.JPG DSC03497.JPG DSC03496.JPG DSC03495.JPG

DSC03494.JPG DSC03498.JPG DSC03506.JPG DSC03539.JPG DSC03476.JPG

PMX also had a gigantic Kira Kira photo machine for purikura fun.

DSC03518.JPG DSC03517.JPG

While PMX draws in Japanese popular culture afficianados, the event brought back Filipino American culture. During the second PMX in Long Beach, they had comedian Rex Navarette as a guest of honor. This time, PMX had the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) Western Regionals. This is a tournament that centers around ancient Filipino martial arts based on stick fighting (Eskrima). This also drew plenty of attention. Suffice to say, I was able to to talk to the organizers in Tagalog. How's that for a change of pace?


DSC03511.JPG DSC03512.JPG DSC03513.JPG DSC03514.JPG DSC03516.JPG

To get an idea of what Filipino martial arts is all about, Jared took video clips of the tournament:


Deb and I consider ourselves Asian Ball Joint Doll hobbyists. Asian Ball Joint Dolls come from all over Asia - China, Japan, and Korea. The look is often misconcieved as purely Japanese because of the anime style face molds. PMX had a few doll related panels going on. The first doll panel we attended was Taking Your Dolls to Japan. We not only learned about visiting Volks and learning more about the "welcoming ceremony," we also got insight about traveling to Japan. The second doll panel that followed afterwards was the Garden of Doll panel. We were able to have a Q&A session with the creator and have an up close look at these 42cm beauties.

DSC03542.JPG DSC03541.JPG DSC03540.JPG DSC03545.JPG

DSC03543.JPG DSC03546.JPG DSC03547.JPG DSC03548.JPG

While we did not attend any doll gatherings at PMX, we had a good time talking to the creator behind Garden of Doll and other Asian Ball Joint Doll hobbyists. It was almost time for curtain call for Cos Fest. At 4:30PM, I headed straight towards the green room...


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