"We're going to PMX. There's going to be happy people at PMX. All will be good. All will be happy. Shiny happy people at PMX."

"Diana dating Phil Collins... imagine that!"

"I'd love to see Sakura and Tomoyo sporting AK-47s (airsoft of course) or the gang from Lucky star outfitted in CQB."

"High School Cosplay Drama Musical?"

"Assume the 'Cool Devices' viewing positions."

"How many of you watch hentai?"

"I'm gonna sing the opening to my favorite hentai."

"Are you talking about 'Bible Black' episode 4?"

"Tiffany looks like she can own her own mafia."

"We found our masquerade winner."

"Great, we invented 'bishie karaoke."

"2009 is going to be the year of the Engineer."

"Mr. Postman look at me. Is there a letter in that bag for me?"

"Get your boobs over here, Vic." - Tiffany

"Hey Vic! Can we borrow your fist and your glasses?" - Albert

"Can I be Cuddy?" - Master Zero to Tom

"It's the British gathering!"

"Stan needs to cosplay as George Washington at Ren Faire."

"I can't decide if I want to be Stonewall Jackson or Sherman."

"I prefer the Marlon Lolita brand. Have you seen the Guys and Dolls line?"

"May I have your picture, Gregory?"

"Okay, enough Marky Mark." - said Albert to Tom

"Stand right over there, Gregory." - said Albert to Tom

"But I don't wanna be Scary Spice. My brother had a thing for her." - Vic

"Forget the incest!" - said Carolyn to Vic

"Okay, the guy in glasses is hot."

"No, his last name is not Spector, but he does look a lot like Michael Ingersoll."

"Hey Vic! Who do you like?!" - Carolyn and Tiffany (Beta Mu Chi)

"Every time I read Harry Potter, I imagine Snape as Hans Gruber."

"We can has Die Hard cosplay?"

"It's not an iPod. It's a Zen Micro."

"Yes, we were the Mikomi Con masquerade weiners."

"People keep saying I should cosplay as Prince."


"Eww...Avenue Q!"

"Have you seen Jared?"

"Jarrod Spector is here?! WHERE?!"

"My special friend gave it to me."
"A special friend with benefits?"

"I'm a mouse!"

"Vic wants ride on you with a shotgun." - said Tom to Chaz

"Need to time the bend and snap right."

"Ray Nagar has been renamed to Nagger Guy."

"Hey Ray, how was your two guys one cup experience?"

"Let's break some ice!" - Shane

"Baw baw baw baw-baw-bara Anne."

"You're a beer drinking real live man!"

"Those glasses are so Dolce and Gabbana."

"No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Hell No, No, No. Maybe" - Vic impersonating Madeline Kahn

"I streaked when I was three years old." - Chaz

"Hi mom!"

"It's not TV, it's HBO."

"It's not HBO, it's porn."

"I got two words for you cosplay bitches - Manolo Blahnik's."

"I got my Prada shoes back!"

"Say 'hi' to your mother for me."

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