Where has everybody gone? Tom and I arrived at the LAX Hilton back in the Benz at 9AM in the morning. It was a ghost town. We had Stan's poster to return. For the most part, we talked to Ray Nagar.

Sunday morning was very empty. Even the Artist Alley was barren. The karaoke room was not open yet. Tom and I decided to impersonate our favorite Brilliant Moon Cosplayers at the Anime Los Angeles table in the following order - Carolyn, Tiffany, and Fer. Hope you guys don't mind the homage!

Most of the morning was spent in the hotel lobby chit chatting with Shane, Abe, Ray, Joel, and Mr. Postman. There were a few cosplayers that came and went. Though it was a typical dead dog Sunday, CosFest was later at 5PM. Not many special events or panels were going on. You pretty much had to make things up as they go. We were already drained from the karaoke stage, as exciting as it was. It was just hanging around the lobby and just catching up and breaking some ice.

As soon as Stan arrived, we did a Fruits Basket shoot. The only let down was that our Kagura (Deb) was not able to make it to PMX. We would like to add that Yuki is a huge Chargers fan that wishes death to the Broncos. I'm very happy with how this mini group came out. Stan makes a very cool and collected Prince Yuki. Tom is a cat that kicks and bites. Don't even think about interrupting his cat naps. In addition, the common cold makes enhances Yuki's fighting abilities. Watch out, Kyo. To stand in for Deb's absence, we used Stan's Bumblebee figure to pose as Kagura. Not even Kyo was safe from glomps of death.

The fine cast and crew of Anime Los Angeles resumed their duties. Sunday's free snacks consisted of energy bars and water. Carolyn brought old school Rurouni Kenshin back, because all you newbies don't know how to act. She's bringing Kenshin back. A few of our friends discussed a possible group for 2009. Looks like I've been drafted in as Megumi.

One possible reason why Sunday felt so empty was because of the Little Tokyo Lolita event. Sources say that the Lolita tea party had a great turnout and was full of drama-free sugary sweets. As everyone was getting jazzed for CosFest, the lobby was cosplayer and otaku Shantytown in the sense we took over the lobby. Though Sunday was a slow one, Glamour Con models still thought we were having much more fun than our event. Tom accounts that one of the Glamour Con models had a son attending PMX.

There was more hotel lobby hanging out for the rest of the con. Tom purchased Calorie Mate in memorial of Deb. Anela was able to make it on Sunday with the Ino hat. Even without the full ensemble, she's still Ino to all of us. Sorry, but Ino is on holiday. Chane's casual outfit also doubled as Keitaro from Love Hina. During his shoot with Albert, he borrowed my glasses and my fist. Sadly, he did not go flying through the air.

It was 4PM, therefore it was time to go. Tom had to be at Long Beach Airport at 5PM to make his flight. His Sunday pictures are located here. Our lasting image of Pacific Media Expo was one singular sensation of Caramel Dansen. One chorus line of nerds trying to make the best out of nothing and creating their own fun. Whether or not you agree that the Caramel Craze is overdone, I'll give these guys credit for carrying on the spirit of anime conventions - your experience is what you make of it.

In addition, Tiffany's Neo Serenity gown rivals Sana's Giselle in terms of eating cosplayers. Will my Elisabeth or Eva Friedel top that? We'll have to wait in 2009.

Stan attended the CosFest. In Stan's observation account, there were only seven acts in the show. If you entered, you were most likely going to take home a prize. Stan did not care for the MC duos, Wayne and Darryl, neither the half time performance by Stephanie Yanez. Most attendees were already out by halftime. CosFest was a dissapointment, however, the problem can be fixed byhaving CosFest on Saturday in the following year. Congrats to our friends, Tiffany (Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon) and We're Not Twins (.hack//Gu) for taking home awards!

It can be safe to say, that most SoCalers were home by 8PM.

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