On August 27-29, 2010, the second Power MorphiCon took place at the Pasadena Convention Center. Scarlet Rhapsody and Plastic Joint attended on the last day of the world's only Power Ranger themed convention. Though we were only able to make it on Day 3, there were still plenty of things to do and see at Power MorphiCon. The title references the play "Dog Sees God" and David Yost's coming out interview prior to convention.

One thing to note about Power MorphiCon is that the format is different from the anime conventions I am used to attending. I met several cast members at anime conventions (Johnny Yong Bosch and Dan Southworth at Tales of Anime 2007) before. However, if you wanted to get an autograph or photo with a guest, they would charge you an additional $5 or $10, depending who it was. Usually, at anime conventions, guests will sign anything free of charge.

The Pasadena Convention Center is a small and humble place. There was a huge turnout of Power Ranger fans from around the world. You can walk a few steps and hear people with different accents! One person we really wanted to meet was Linkara (That Guy With the Glasses), creator of the web series, "The History of Power Rangers." While talking to Linkara, he mentioned that he plans to also review like sentai series that were given the Power Ranger treatment (ie: "VR Troopers," "Big Bad Beetleborgs").


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The dealer's room was like walking into a candy store for Stan. There were plenty of Power Rangers toys from the first season, as well as the Japanese toys.

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There were also Power Rangers cosplayers at the convention. There were very few that showed up. However, the few that did had very impressive craftsmanship.

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There were a few panels of interest at the convention. While Stan was covering Jason David Frank's panel, I went to the "Robotech" panel. On the surface, it may seem awkward seeing a "Robotech" themed panel at a Power Rangers themed convention. However, much of the "Robotech" cast were involved as voice actors in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Though there were few people who attended the "Robotech" panel, the actors were grateful that there were still loyal fans of the show.

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Actors Rebecca Fordstat, Tom Wyner, and Tony Oliver shared memories of the late Carl Macek. They have nothing but fond memories of an amazing guy.

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Later during the panel, Wendee Lee, Barbara Goodson, and Robert Axelrod showed up. They also shared memories of working with Carl in the early days of anime distribution. Though Jason David Frank's panel got more attention, the "Robotech" panel had the voice actor for Saba, Tony Oliver.

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Plenty more video of the "Robotech" panel can be found on Scarlet Rhapsody's YouTube account. At the time of this writing, YouTube is currently down that it is not allowing me to add videos to the Power MorphiCon 2010 playlist.

Downtown Pasadena is a nice place for any event. Before Jason Narvy's acting workshop, I took a stroll in Pasadena just to see what's around. Not to mention, I had to find a place for lunch. There are plenty of sit down restaurants, but I ended up settling with a hot dog stand at the convention center.


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One of my favorite parts about Power MorphiCon 2010 was Jason Narvy's panel. It was impressive that this PhD guy can still do the Skull cackle. The panel was very entertaining. He had two volunteers go through various method acting excercises.

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Dr. Narvy warms up the crowd.


Dr. Narvy's words of wisdom for anyone who wants to pursue acting.


Power MorphiCon 2010 was full of surprises. I ran into someone I went to middle school with that I have not seen since our graduation! I ended up talking to plenty of voice actors involved in the show at their respective tables. It was nice talking to Wendee Lee (Alpha from the original series) about anime heroines as role models for girls and talking to a fellow Loyola Marymount alumni, Brianna Brozey (Circuit in "Power Rangers: Time Force"). Not to mention, it was also surreal shaking hands with Walter Jones (Zach from the original series).


Barbara Goodson summoned everyone to attend the voice actors panel in her Rita Repulsa voice. I have been to many a convention where there have been multiple people on a panel, but this had almost more than ten people sitting in. The actors talked about what it was like voicing their respective characters and life after Power Rangers. They also gave advice to anyone who was thinking about persuing voice acting professionally.

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I also visited the stunt panel just so I could sit down. It was really funny hearing the stunt coordinators sharing stories about messing around with the censorship board by making a putty wear a cucumber in his spandex suit. Speaking of costumes, it was also interesting that the Japanese monster costumes that were brought to the stateside production were brought unwashed and still had funk!

Overall, I enjoyed that fans were asking smart and insightful questions. Power MorphiCon had a mature crowd, but there were people of all ages attending this event.

I also ran into a few guys from Henshin Justice filming something.

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Power MorphiCon 2010 was coming to a close. I attended closing ceremonies at 4PM. Everything happened so fast in one day. We were introduced again to the talented cast and crew of the Power Rangers legacy. Jason Narvy, once again, brought down the house sending everyone off home. To review and reminisce, we were shown the promo for Power MorphiCon 2010 to wrap things up.

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By the end of closing ceremonies, Stan and I were ready to go home. As we were gathering ourselves, several of the actors thanked us personally for coming (thanks Jason Faunt!). I was very happy to have attended even just for one day. The only complaint I had was press informing my registration went through at the very last minute. However, I look forward to Power MorphiCon 2012. It's too bad that Power MorphiCon is not an annual event. It comes around every couple of years. Until then, I quote a Disney Adventures article written in 1994, "Spandex. Wear it. Embrace it."


Thank you, Power MorphiCon 2010! It was great meeting everyone!

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