For a bay area cosplayer (but living in wine country where cow tipping is the happenin'), October is the busiest cosplay month of them all. AniMagic, Metreon Fest, Yaoi Con, Para Con, and Halloween...just to name of the main events. In replacement of Metreon (needed the weekend to recover from AniMagic) and Yaoi Con, I decided to test my luck with Para Con - a small anime con in Six Flags Great America.

Sunday began Para Con. Since the two of us could not make it to Yaoi Con, we thought of bringing the yaoi to Para Con. So Tom went as Subaru, and I went as Seishirou. It's cool too since Sei-chan is my favorite of the Dragons of the Earth. Also it works well with my fetish for Asian guys in black suits. The two of us head to Starbucks. Subaru orders a brownie shake, while Seishirou orders a vanilla shake. Talk about the Yin and Yang!


We arrive at Great America at 11AMish. First, we run into Ray - the head of JTAF. We then buy our tickets for Para Con. We signed up for masquerade since Hitori and her Yuzu friend would show up later on. Since it was my first time at Great America, Tom showed me around. We first hit The Grizzly and then we hit the ride right next too it - Psycho Mouse. It looks like a kiddy coaster, but don't believe that. We honestly thought that it would go off track. We hit the skyway thingy to where Top Gun is. From the skyway, we could see Fanime's former home, the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Yes, Seishirou loves this movie

We went on the rapids thing...kinda like Big Foot at Knotts Berry Farm. Not only once, but twice! Wearing that Seishirou trenchcoat has it's advantages. We went with the Battle Royale people from JTAF. Thenafter, we went on the log ride. Tom made a discovery that Stealth dissapeared. Tom and I went on Top Gun. It was pretty spiffy. Almost just as good as Batman in Magic Mountain. It was almost time for Hitori and friends to show up. Tom and I ordered some funnel cake for lunch. Don't us onmyouji have decent diets? While waiting, we went on Vector. It's much like Riddler's Revenge, but this thing is almost instant migraine.

We ran into Hitori and friends near the Para Con area. We gathered around and discussed about how we're going to pull off the X/1999 skit. We run into Lionel and take a few pictures with snake boy. So, it's just about time for masquerade call. We ran into more cosplayers from JTAF. I ran into Fiona, whom I haven't seen since AX 2001! Wow! I ran into Animenation people, and they wanted to use my pics on their site. Cool cool. Talked for a bit with other peoples 'til it was time to get inside.

backstage yaoi Smoking backstage

Animerica hosted the cosplay contest. Urian Brown hosted it. Kit Fox was judging. I felt we could have had more judges for the cosplay contest, especially someone with background knowledge on costuming. Also, I feel Animerica's act is getting tiresome. Let's hear it for skits! Yeah, it was JTAF all over again. So, the X / 1999 group didn't get to do their skit. But we won free Ah My Goddess cds! Ain't that spiffy? Congrats to the winners!

L O V E love me, Yuki!

What? No Invader Zim at the Nickelodeon store?

Where's the Invander Zim stuff?!

After the contest, we hit the arcade. Mutton, Hitori, and I had some girl talk. After going to arcade we went around to going on the rides. We went on Top Gun and then checked out the other arcade. Seems like all the arcades have one form of DDR. We thought about going into the karaoke contest. Tom and I thought about doing "Hot Limit." Unfortunately, "Hot Limit" ain't a Top 40 song. Yup, the karaoke contest consisted of Top 40 songs, rather than anime / game / j-whatever songs. Finally, we went on our own ways. Tom and I saved one more ride on the log ride. The park was just about to close, so we went on our way.

We had dinner at home. I had to catch the 10PM bus out of Oakland to Santa Rosa.

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