Once upon a time, in the magical land of Torrance ("Torrance? Magic, my ass!" says Stan), Stan woke up one morning to take his friends to Little Tokyo. What was in this Nihonmachi? Two weeks ago, when several of us were at City Walk, Cosplay Cyborg approached us about an upcoming event in Little Tokyo. Simply put, a get together of cosplayers. The theme of this gathering was school uniforms.

We dashed to Little Tokyo in our Fruits Basket costumes. Deb was Kagura, Stan was Yuki, Julia was Tohru, and I was Hanajima. We also had Carolyn as Draco Malfoy for fun. Everyone knows that Draco is a shoujo fanboy. When we got to the Mitsuwa Mall, I passed out Easter candy to friends. There was also a small doll gathering. I brought Eponine.

Julia was feeling hungry, so we went to lunch on the third floor. Suffice to say, I did not care much for the curry, but the miso soup was delicious. Afterwards, we walked around Little Tokyo. It was a really hot day. While we were in summer uniforms, we were dying from the Los Angeles heat. Stan, Deb, Julia, and Carolyn did some shopping. I proceeded to look around.

We returned to the mall. Because of the unexpected heat, we all grabbed ice cream. There were a few cosplayers still upstairs for the gathering. Yet, we decided to go ahead and do karaoke. MAX Karaoke charges $5 per person per hour on weekends. It was what we needed - good times singing our hearts out! Tip if you go to this Max Karaoke in Little Tokyo - they don't tell you when your time is up. Usually, when your hour is almost up, they'll page your room to let you know. We were ten minutes over. Thanks to Carolyn's mad skills, we were only charged for an hour.

Afterwards, we finally got around to take Fruits Basket group pictures. I'm really happy these pictures turned out great. We hope to have more of our friends join us in the future. I brought Tom's Yuki plush for Stan and Julia, as well as my Shigure plush so he can bother the high school girls. Deb (Kagura) was on Shigure duty. Unfortunately, I don't have a Kyo plushie.

Of course, we can't forget this member of the elite wizard society. Draco can kick Akito's butt any day.

Cosplay Cyborg officially mandated this event over. She assured the next gathering would take place in May in Griffith Park.

Once Julia had to go home, we spent the rest of the day at Weller Court. I spotted gelato. I had to get my hands on pina colada gelato. For the most part, we joked around possible cosplay groups work. After all, we were able to do Fruits Basket on the fly. We joked around doing Are You Afraid of the Dark? cosplay. Thus, we established an inside joke between us. Should we ever officially form a cosplay group, our name should be Midnight Society Cosplay.

We ran into our friend Theo. We had dinner at Curry House. Afterwards, we started randomly singing Disney songs. Carolyn, Deb, and I agree that Rocky Horror Picture Show is disgusting. So all of us (Midnight Society Cosplay!) decided to cosplay from the Rocky Balboa movies to crash Rocky Horror events should they happen again at cons. Some of us prefer old skool boxing over um...the time warp?

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