Nan Desu Kan took place on September 11 - 13, 2009 in Denver, CO. Nan Desu Kan is one of the longest running convention in Colorado. For decades, the convention provided place for Colorado anime fans to get together and share their fandom in one form or another. In its 11th year, NDK once again returned to Denver Marriot within Denver Tech. Center district and fans came from all places to enjoy being fans.

Special Thanks to Deb, Jeri, Sam, Lyra, Cody, Alex, Jake, Nori, and Yuki. Honestly, this weekend would not have been possible at all if it wasnít for you guys. This goes double for Deb and Jeri for providing me place to stay and cook all those delicious meals. Thanks for everything really.

Nan Desu Kan 2009 TravelCast

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