Mikomi Con took place on September 18 - 20, 2009 at California State University Northridge (CSUN) at the heart of their student recreational facilities. Sometimes known as the San Fernando valley's premiere anime convention, Mikomi Con has garnered a reputation among Los Angelino otaku as "that con where everyone hangs out with friends." Mikomi Con is a student run convention by Anime Club at CSUN. For a small college campus event, they brought in some local guest of honor such as Kyle Hebert (Gohan in Dragonball Z) and Marianne Miller (Qoo and Magna in Tweeny Witches). For many attendees, the highlight of Mikomi Con was Kyle Hebert's DragonBALD Evolution roast on Sunday.

This is our second time at Mikomi Con. Last year, we won Best of Show in the masquerade contest. In 2009, Deb and I decided to work as masquerade staff. It was very interesting to experience masquerade from another perspective. The Scarlet Rhapsody crew only attended Saturday and Sunday of Mikomi Con. We hope you enjoy our Mikomi Con 2009 report!

Mikomi Con 2009 TravelCast


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